Frozen, Part 1

The last few days of our Chicago trip were the coldest I have ever experienced. I know that a lot of people live in freezing places and think nothing of it, but I am from California…and now that I am from Southern California, I am an even bigger weenie when it comes to the cold.

On Thursday night hubby and I ventured out to dinner, it was 1.2 miles to the restaurant and we walked. It was 20 degrees, but I was a good sport and hoofed it with my hubby who likes to walk. By the time we reached the restaurant, I was practically a popsicle. I pulled my gloves off and my hands swelled up and turned bright red. After we ordered our food and some hot tea, I looked at Merc and said, “We’re taking a cab back, right?” He answered, “Oh, hell yes.”

Chicago and SNOW!!

Well, I am loving this cold weather, although I have not been so brave as to venture out into it for very long. I am glad that Snow did not lame out on me like Rain did back in Cali. We’re not having crazy storms or anything, but I caught a few flurries/flakes and it is quite lovely. I don’t know that I could live in it, but to visit once a year is quite nice…and sets me up just right for Christmas.

Baby, it’s cold outside…

The Rain Rip-off

Dear Rain,

When I see your pretty little picture on the weather forecast, I smile and anxiously await your arrival. You’re like an old friend, and I love it when you visit.

So you can see how I am so upset about your ill-timed performance this past week. You were supposed to come and stay for 3 whole days, but did you? NO!

You only came for one day. Showed up after I was asleep and left before I got up. Those are some seriously bad manners.

So here is the deal, I will forgive you only if you make good on this. Hope to see you soon.



Well, I am a California gal for sure. We spent the day walking around the frigid city of Chicago, 24 degrees about the average temp. I must say these people that live here must be hardened by years of the freezing winds lashing at their faces. I had to laugh at all of the babies bundled up, blinking and wrinkling their brows at the unbelievable temps. I am not sure how people live here, I am sure you get used to it or learn how to protect yourself from the cold, but I am not there yet.

I have learned a few things:
1. Hats are our friends.
2. If a hat doesn’t cover your ears, it is useless.
3. If your scarf is not wrapped around your neck or face, it is useless.
4. Anyone wearing a scarf on the outside of their collar has never experienced the cold.
5. Gloves, like hats, are our friends.


Don’t you find it odd how unpredictable the weather can be? I find it strange that we have been having 85-90 degree heat for the past week. And what about those weather forecasters, sometimes I think they would do better to look out the window than report on what the computer says.

“Since when can a weatherman predict the weather, let alone the future?!”