Weekend Work

Been a busy week, weekend, month, year. Working on the weekends has its advantages: it’s quieter, fewer clients are working so email is less of a distraction, so that is nice also there is a shorter line at Bux and no lunch rush.

But then again, working from one week straight into the next is surely a test of your sanity. These are the weeks you have to just hang in there an hope that next week will be better, less stressful, less tiring.

And that’s all I have to say today because I just got home from work and I am prety beat. Nite all.

Heckuva Long Week

We got a running start on this week by working all weekend last week. Then tossed in a couple of long nights, 7:00, 8:30, 9:45.

Thursday we hit a morning meeting, got back to the office by 1:00pm, worked until 6:30, then went home and packed. Got in the car and drove almost 3 hours to my parent’s house, chatted with them until midnight.

Got up on Friday, went to breakfast, conference call at 10:00am, email and laundry until next conference call at 2:00pm, email and organizing until 5:30, birthday dinner out with Dad (serious Margarita time), watched a movie, crashed.

Saturday was family fun, food and visiting with a few light errands.

Sunday, we got up at 7:00am, packed up and drove home, unpacked the car, grabbed lunch, headed to the office and worked until…well, now.

And now, I’m tired.

A weekend away…

Sounds really nice doesn’t it? How about if I tell you we went to Napa to go wine tasting with good friends? And that we would be staying in very nice hotel/spa. That’s even better! What I never would have guessed was that we would spend the weekend trying to stave off the illness that had overcome my husband. But luckily this little episode was short lived and he was able to bounce back in time to spend the evening in Napa with good friends. So it all worked out.

All in all we drove just over 900 miles. That is quite a distance when you get right down to it. But all of that time in the car and a weekend that was not spent working (although we met with 3 clients) was a nice break for my mind. A change of scenery is a good thing and I think is sometimes overlooked.

We also popped in on my parents for Sunday dinner on the way home and surprised my grandparents. I wish I had a camera ready to capture their faces. It was truly priceless.