to School

We all groan at the prospect of returning to homework, labs
and long boring lectures. We lose our summer leisure and any
hope for a free weekend. “I can’t wait till I’m out of school!”
We’ve all said it a million times. Well, this year I’m a Senior
and I actually *am* going to graduate in May. Standing at the
end of a hideous line in the bookstore, it hit me. I can’t imagine
life without school. I’ve been in it for the past 18 years.
And while I find myself somewhat elated at the thought of “no
homework”, a part of me is seriously going to miss this aspect
of life. Every class I’ve taken in college has been interesting
(at least in subject matter), and I honestly love learning.

I have yet to decide how to handle this dilemma. But I have
a feeling that higher education has not seen the last of me.
It makes me feel better to say that, kind of like when I left
home. I knew I could come back and visit.

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