Interesting weekend. Timberly moved out. Jess and I might have found a place to move. The apartment is in total disarray. We are trying to figure out where everything is going to go now that we have all this space. So much is going on right now. This is going to be the most interesting semester I think I have ever had, and I have to find ways to shorten it all. I have to try and wrap up (so to speak) my semester early so I can have my surgery asap. That bums me out. This is a very exciting time and I have to cut it short. I say : Þ to life. 🙂 Ah well.

It’s all good though. Everything is all up in the air and for once I am enjoying it. That is unusual for me. I like to have things planned, organized and under control. Maybe I’m changing, who knows, but I am loving this.

I bought the parents tickets to the “Face-to-Face” concert with Billy Joel and Elton John this weekend. So they will be coming down, and we’ll probably go do something fun on Saturday. I’m looking forward to hanging out with them on my turf, heh.

I need to get to bed, before I pass out. Love and hugs to all. 🙂

“Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize.” ~Phil 3:13-14

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