*Yawn* I spent all afternoon/evening yesterday (6.5 hours) going from thrift shop to thrift shop looking for props and set dec. Also spent a fair amount of time in the army surplus store, where they play marches 24/7…eek. Anyway, we are almost ready for the shoot this weekend, just a few odds and ends left to pick up. Looks like I am doing make up and I have to go get all of the food. My mind is consumed at this point, though there is much else I need to be doing. Ah well, hopefully no one will notice. 🙂

I agree with Claire. Sundays are bizarre, they are like a weekly glimpse into another dimension, where time is perceived very differently. The afternoon sunlight is extra golden and the hours between 1:00pm and 8:00pm seem to drag on. Sunday is the only day of the week you can *feel* the sun setting. I felt it yesterday. I was sitting at the table with my mom doing my taxes and I looked out the window, for a long moment I felt the world slow to a crawl. Nothing seemed to move, no one spoke. There was only breathing, slow silent air.

“There’s just something about Sunday night that makes you want to kill yourself…and that creepy “60 Minutes” clock that sounds like your whole life ticking away.” (Anybody who knows what that is from gets a prize : )

Wooooooo! 10 hours of much needed sleep, BABY! I just feel so good, like I can do anything today. It’s the first day in a long time that I don’t look like I’ve been run over by a large freight vehicle. I have tons to do, but I’m so happy I don’t even care!

Isaac flies in this morning. I probably won’t see him until Saturday. Everyone is so excited about his visit, me included. Hopefully, the video shoot will go well and he can have some fun and play while he’s in Cali. It should be loads of fun.

Busy…so busy. My life is insanity right now. It seems every time my life gets hectic, it gets exponentially worse than the last time. This is easily the busiest I have ever been in my life. Just to give a taste: I have a job (4 days a week), and internship (3 days a week), a full load at school (2 days a week), I am assistant director for a student film currently in production (everyday), I am moving, in a wedding, and preparing for surgery. *Relaxation breathing* Right now I have control of it all but I am not sure I can maintain control for the next 3 months as required. The up side is with every passing day I feel more capable, more confident.

With all that being said, please excuse my neglect of the blog…I had actually forgotten about it all week 🙂 And if you are wondering what’s going on with me, drop an email in my inbox and I’ll tell ya 😉