I am not feeling very triumphant this morning. Had something on my mind last night which made it rough to sleep. My mind just really wants to let it go, so I think…I will go hop in the shower and rinse my cares away. I have too little time to let needless worry creep in.

I sure do have a lot to say lately…for me anyways. The internet has been like a room full of deaf people to me for the last week or so. I keep talking, but no one else is and no one is listening. Oh well, then it’s all me.

So the suspense has been terminated, I did NOT win a Ronnie. For the split second after the winner’s name was announced I felt a deep pang of disappointment, but only for that split second. The truth is: I liked the film that did win and the nominee was one of my friends (Insert shout-out to Jesse here). But even more comforting than that was the fact that what my fellow students will be fighting for in the next few months, I already have. I am a professional. The ceremonial graduation I do or do not walk through in 27 days will not have the impact of the transition I felt when I got hired at O. I do appreciate the acknowledgement in the nomination (I think I even have a certificate around here somewhere) and I had a great evening with my friends. As I was driving home, I could not get the music loud enough. Fireworks lit up the sky over Disneyland, adding even more triumph to my mood. I love this.

I’m singin’ the late night digitizing blues 🙂 It’s all good though. I could’ve gone home hours ago, but I want to get this all in tonight, so I can be here for less time tomorrow. Truth be told, I want to finish the story reel tonight, and if I had everything digitized right now I’d try to do it…but there wouldn’t be enough time, and oh yeah, no one asked me to do it 🙂 Not really (reely) my job, but I was never too fond of boundaries anyway. Don’t hold me back!

Work work work…but in a good way. I started my new job on Monday and absolutely hit the ground running. No intro, no nuthin’ I think that’s why these folks hired me, so they could skip all the pleasantries and get down to work. Not that I mind, doing my internship there was the best choice I could have made at this point, heh, it got me a job. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve been having wierd dreams and somehow all of the faces I’ve been watching on those monitors are creeping up in my slumber world. Feeling a little strange this morning, but then again it’s just another day and they can’t all feel the same.

I loooooove to sleep. I know it’s incredibly boring of me to love sleep, but it’s just so wonderful. My bed was extra cozy this morning, I couldn’t help hitting snooze a few extra times. Feeling all warm and snuggly and tucking my comforter around me, it was positively blissful. I have a love/hate relationship with mornings. I really do enjoy what morning feels like, with the cool bright sunrays. And the freshness of a new day makes me want run barefoot through a field of poppies…still it is cruel morning that makes me leave the absolute comfort of my sanctuary of rest. Ah well…

Dare I say it? Are we done shooting? Maaaaaaaaybe. My heart beats wildly at the thought that I might just be able to maintain this project by phone and not lose anymore sleep in the name of ridiculously slow-moving productions. I think our actress said it well, “Oh, parting is such sweet sorrow…see ya.”

First day at “O” today. I wish I were more rested, but I will just have to drag myself thru.