Ever just sit down and talk for an hour with someone you’ve never spoken to before. I did it this morning. It’s so funny because I never cease to be amazed by how different people are from my preconceived notions, but also how many things we have in common.

Things were really getting to me last night, but I just had to stop for a minute to gain some perspective. And right when I finished complaining about all of the time I don’t have, I volunteered to take on a few more tasks. I’m insane, I tell you.

Another wedding this weekend, but thankfully I’m not in it. It will be like a mini high school reunion. The “player” is getting married. The guy that used to sit behind me and read my notes, take my yearbook home for a week and end up writing “Have a bitchen summer.” He’s actually saying his “I do”s. Interesting how the years are molding us. As I get farther away from my adolescence, I understand more of what it was about.

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