The Blues Festival

It was an amazing good time, and a day of fun I really needed after all the work I’ve been doing lately. Remember when I said I couldn’t get the music loud enough? Well it was loud enough yesterday. When you can feel the baseline vibrations coming up through the ground, while a raspy singer wails into a mic just 20 feet from you, you can’t help but *get* the blues. (And I mean “understand/feel” cause there is now way I was blue 🙂 Good music, good friends, good food, good cigars… I am not thinking it gets much better. And you gotta love blues lyrics, “All the good times we never had, I’m having without you.” “I’m a wild, wild, woman and you’re a lucky man.” And one of my faves from Just Dave “Baby, put the gun down.”

Just Dave is my friend, but more than that he is an AWESOME musician. Plays the harm like no body I’ve ever seen and sings like a big black man, which is so funny cause he’s not a big guy. Anyway, if you’re ever in OC and you want to see good blues, they are where it’s at. Just Dave and the New Family.

I’m still reeling from the 10 hours of blues fest fun. 🙂

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