Part 2

Well this is where things get interesting because I’m not exactly sure what happened, so this is what I was told… (btw, the following will be the details of my surgery. If you have a weak stomach you might want to skip this one.) After I was out the doctor sectioned my upper jaw into four pieces and detatched it from my face bones. He moved it down and forward a little less than a quarter of an inch (on the diagonal). He sectioned it straight thru the middle, then split those sections in half two teeth from each side of the midline. He reattached everything with 4 titanium plates (4 screws to a plate) so that the upper palette was now wider and sat level. My lower jaw was detatched on each side, just below the joint and pivoted around to the left and reattached with 3 screws on each side. Beyond the plates and screws there is a ton of hardware that has been affixed to my mouth. I’m sure it has some purpose in holding all of the pieces together, thought I am not sure what it is. Several wires twist around my gum line and sometimes thru it. There is also a large plastic plate that is affixed to my upper jaw, that my lower teeth fit into…this is the mouth I woke up to.

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