Part 3

Tired of riding out all of the details so I will wrap up my traumatic experience with what follows…

So they wake me up and I’m gagging and choking and I can’t feel my face, but I am in pretty big pain. The nurse is asking me on a scale of 1-10 and I am trying to hold up eight fingers which is a chore for my heavily drugged body. I tell them my stomach hurts and they tell me I still have the cathader…YIKES! That’s all I’m gonna say about that. Anywho, the next few hours are sketchy. All I remember about getting to my room is them telling me to scootch over again. Sheesh, can’t these people pick me up for once?? Then I was awoken what seemed like every 3 minutes for them to take my blood pressure and temperature. It turned out they were giving me too much morphine in my IV and it was causing me to stop breathing. So they cut the dosage in half, then I was alright. The doctor (who I now know to be the most brilliant man on earth) said that my surgery went very, he said I loss less blood than most and that my swelling was very minimal (yay!) After the first cloudy day, I found that I had nose bleeds everytime I stood up, due to the breathing tubes they had to put down my nose during surgery. And I had a couple of regurgitation episodes that consisted of ridding my stomach of the “post nasal drip” Ickers…I’m sorry for that. Forget you read it…the rest of my notes will be about how bored I am, a much more delightful topic. Thank you again for all of the support 🙂

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