Well, I’ve gotten most of my gear out. It was a bit painful having wires yanked from my jaw but I am feeling better today. My bite feels all wrong because my teeth have never fit together like this before. I’m still talking a little funny, but a different kind of funny, as the implementation of my impediment is now a wire across the roof of my mouth as opposed to a huge hunk of plastic. What does all this mean? Eh, who knows. All I know is I don’t want to be here today. I want to be anywhere else. Though, if I did have that option, I’d probably just go home. What is with me? I feel all wierd. Tired? Sore? Grumpy? Lazy? Whiney? Groggy? heh, one more and I’d have a revised seven dwarts 😉 Any suggestions?

Well, the work week is not looking like it is going to be a pretty one, but on the up-side…I get all of this hardware out next week!! I get to eat real food again! Woooo!

So here is what is not a good day:

When you’ve been working on a project for 3 months and have about 300 gigs of media referenced to the project, then out of no where the 300 gig external drive decides to commit suicide. Yes, we’ve lost tons and tons of data, more than I’d really like to think about at this time. The good news, if you can manage to see it through all of this crap, is that most of the files are just media files and can be restored. The references exist in the project so we can take each reference and re-digitize the footage. But we are still talking about more data than most people deal with in an entire lifetime, and it will take quite some time to put it all back together. So my life will be nothing but the restoration of this project until it is complete. Just when we thought it might wind down….oooooooh noooooooo.

Well, I guess blogger didn’t want to post me yesterday. Seems to be working fine today though.

I had the most stressful morning I’ve had in a long while. We had serious problems getting the show to lay off for the composer, but *knocks on wood* I think we got it.

So last night I went out to dinner with the guys (okay, not really, cause I can’t eat…but I went with them and they ate). We were talking about my surgery and such and I made the most disturbing discovery. You know that little piece skin that connects your top and bottom lips to your gums? Well I don’t have that anymore! Niether one of them! Merc and J tried to convince me that they never use theirs and I’d never miss it, but OH MY GOSH! I’m totally missing something I had before! I’m feeling quite abnormal due to this little skin loss. (BTW: anyone know what it is called?? I know it has a name.) I keep thinking that it’s got to be there for a reason and what does it mean if I don’t have one? *pondering my surgically-inflicted abnormality*

Another day… I am so tired.

Thought I would tell you that Merc, while desperately trying to get back online, has run into a few obstacles and it will probably be a little while. But he still loves you all.

My faces hurts today 🙁 I think I may have to bail out of work early, I am just not feeling the greatest. I got home last night and fell asleep almost immediately.

Simple Pleasure of the Day: The way a warm car feels after you’ve been trapped in a highly air-conditioned office for 10 hours.

I guess I’m slacking in the blogland. I’m back at work today. The boys moved in yesterday. My mouth hurts a little. I am having a blended burrito for lunch. Oh and the blended chili was very good. There’s not a whole lot going on.

Mom and Dad just left. I know I’ve been wanting like mad to have my life back, still it was hard to see them go. And even though I don’t like having to be cared for, they are awesome at it. Dad was here for 18 days, and I really am glad he was. Mom made lots of good food. And they both put up with my crap beautifully. I suppose after 24 years, they know how. Anyway, love you guys!