Work work work. Todd comes back tomorrow, and we are roughly half way thru the rough cut of the show. I want to be done when he gets back in. I’m hoping that he will be too jet-lagged to come in on Tuesday like he wanted to. As it is though, I think I am going to go in early and stay late and get a ton of stuff done.

I’m off to a marvelous start :Þ

Poor girls.

Note to all guys: Girls love flowers. Girls will love you if you give them flowers. This is will always make girls happy.

Note to all girls: There are guys who give flowers. My roommate happens to be dating one such guy. So that proves they exist.

Beyond that I have little else that I feel like talkin’ about.

I took FJ to my favorite place where the land meets the water. I stood there, my eyes drinking in the cool blue perfection, I had almost forgotten how peace feels. It was a nice reminder.

Todd left for France today. I am really wanting, needing a vacation. A place where the only things I bring with me are packed neatly in a suitcase. I wouldn’t let my worries follow. I wouldn’t leave my cell phone on. I wouldn’t take anyone with me. I wouldn’t come back for at least 5 days. But I can’t do that. I can only think about how nice it would be.

Let’s just pretend that I did not have the most bizarre day today. Up until about 2 o’clock it was pretty ordinary. Went grocery shopping, had lunch with FJ, went to ortho. They gave me elastics…my mouth is a tad sore. 🙁 From that point on it just went odd and I have no idea why. Just felt wierd.

I have come to the conclusion that I feel like I don’t have time to do things the right way a lot of the time. I’m not talking about big and complex things, just simple things. So lately I have been taking the time. It feels good to have things done right. To have a clean room, and no dirty dishes in the sink. But there is still something missing, and damn if I know what it is. Something is off kilter in my day to day routine. Something that would make everything feel…orderly. hmm.

Morning! We are shooting again today (as we were yesterday). I need coffee. I neeeeeeed coffee. I’m tired and a little zany today. Woo! Shoo-boop-bow-wow-do-do-do-deedee-bop de-bop-do-do-do…..yeah! Look at me, the first one here, scattin’ and everything…where is everyone at? Are they still sleepin’? Humph. Who needs sleep?? … … … okay maybe I do 🙂 heh heh

Question of the day: What makes life exciting?

I am looking to build a list of things that can add excitement to one’s life. So please do help…share…I need the input.

Drop me an email, please.

*sigh* Ahhhhhhh. I have a clean room. For some reason that makes all the difference in the world as to how well I sleep, how my morning starts out, and just how I feel in general. So there’s a smile on this face.

I’m breathing out my tensions and trying to find a way to keep myself busy today. We’re in a bit of a lull at work, which is fine, bc there is more time to go get coffee and such 🙂 And by Wed. I will be back to the normal rush, for now though I have to find some way to spend this day. Think, think, think…

Well, Dad and I pulled off the birthday surprise for my mom and we were able to meet in Santa Barbara. I love that town. We had a really good time and a lot of great food. I am feeling stuffed just thinking about it. This whole “being able to chew” thing, might be getting a little out of hand. So I am trying to cut back and eat a little more healthy.

While I was sitting in church on Sunday, I was noticed that Sundays are where I get my motivation. I sit in the meeting and plan out everything I am going to do that week. More often than not, though, I fail to live up to my own expectations the following morning. I lay in bed at 6:07am and count up all of the things I forgot to do. One of which is always: get out of bed on time. If I live a hundred years, I think I may never figure that one out.

So it’s my mom’s’s a little Vonda Shepard quote that doesn’t completely apply to my mother, still I like it.

“Groovey like my mama was, in a black turtle neck. She was so high strung, she was so low tech.”

~Love you MOM~

I feel stiff, tired and rested all at the same time today. This may be a sick fantasy, but I want to be at home cleaning my apartment. When I get home at night I am just too tired to do it. I have an enormous pile of clean laundry sitting in my room. It would just be nice to have a wonderfully pristene apartment for a few days. Sometimes I feel like my life is in “Maintenance Mode”. Outside of work I do only what is necessary to live, only what I need to do for that day, or the next. I put off doing laundry for weeks at a time. I grab a fast food meal, instead of cooking something healthy. I let the dishes sit, and the clothes pile up, and the mailbox fill to overflowing. I think I need a new plan of attack.

What a groggy morning. Had it not been for a wrong number at 6:27 am I think I would still be snoozing away. I gotta get a louder alarm clock.

This morning when I was getting gas, there was a non-descript envelope taped to the gas pump. “Please take one”. But the envlope was empty. Not that I frequently “take one” when the offer presents itself…still kinda wonder what was in that envelope. It was obviously homemade and there were no others like it. Hmm.