Well, Dad and I pulled off the birthday surprise for my mom and we were able to meet in Santa Barbara. I love that town. We had a really good time and a lot of great food. I am feeling stuffed just thinking about it. This whole “being able to chew” thing, might be getting a little out of hand. So I am trying to cut back and eat a little more healthy.

While I was sitting in church on Sunday, I was noticed that Sundays are where I get my motivation. I sit in the meeting and plan out everything I am going to do that week. More often than not, though, I fail to live up to my own expectations the following morning. I lay in bed at 6:07am and count up all of the things I forgot to do. One of which is always: get out of bed on time. If I live a hundred years, I think I may never figure that one out.

So it’s my mom’s birthday..here’s a little Vonda Shepard quote that doesn’t completely apply to my mother, still I like it.

“Groovey like my mama was, in a black turtle neck. She was so high strung, she was so low tech.”

~Love you MOM~

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