Even when you have year round access to Disneyland…a little rain must fall. Today is a sad day. My dog, our family dog, Charlie had to be put to sleep today. She was getting very old and sick and I know it was the right thing to do, but it’s so sad to think she’s not going to be there anymore. We all disagree about how old she actually was, but I still think I am right in saying we got her when I was 9 years old. That would’ve made her…*calculating*…91 in doggie years. Poor thing. She was the sweetest dog though. She’d bark at everything and anything and when you told her to shut-up, she always had to get the last word in, usually under her breath “boof”. She could balance a treat on the end of her nose, she could get a bit of anything you might be eating with one little look, and the mere mention of the word “bath” would send her under the bed. She destroyed the mini-blinds more than once. Whenever my mom would go away Charlie would mope around the house until her return. Dad never really liked her all that much, but they had their own way of communicating. Here’s to our little friend. Love you, my babies!

Yes! I shall blog today! So I did it. I broke down and bought a year round pass to the Disneyland theme parks. Heck, you’re only young once, right? And when you live 3.5 miles from Disneyland…you gotta take advantage of that. So I took my Disney Passport for a test drive today and I’m thinkin’ I like it. It’s kind of odd to just throw something spectacular like a theme park right into the middle of an ordinary day. One minute I am shaking hands with Pluto…the next, I’m at work. So that’s it I am a SoCal resident…and now, I’m livin’ like one.

*doing Marlon Brando impression* I would just like to thank all of the blogging community for showing up here today in an effort to keep the world of blogs interesting. I would like to say on behalf of my associate, Mercuryfrog, that this new design is a wonderful gesture and I would like to extend my thanks to him.

Okay…this was on a CollegeClub message board about what you look for in a mate:

“he better be intelligent, witty and wear good shoes or i just get bored…”

If he doesn’t wear good shoes, she gets bored? Because good shoes are entertaining?? Who the heck cares about someone’s shoes?

Man do I feel wierd today. Might just be because I am up so early. Working the night shift, I tend to sleep in a little later. But I just feel wierd. I think I am going to hop in the shower and see if I can shake this ick. Make that “ICK”.

I saw an older woman on her lawn this morning, throwing bread crumbs to feed the birds. My grandma used to do that when we were kids. We’d all sit down to tear the bread into pieces then she’d send us out on the lawn with our bags. “Don’t dump it in one place,” she said, “Spread it around.” Then we’d sit by the huge picture window in the living room and watch the birds flock to the lawn. Love you, Gramma.

I will be at work at 7 o’clock tonight and I am bringing a candle. Small acts have the ability to heal and tonight’s candle light vigil is not one I intend on missing. I encourage everyone to participate, just to know that for a few moments tonight our nation will be united in one simple action. I won’t have to see the flames to know they are burning.

I am exhausted. You have no idea how much I have slept in the last few days. The magnitude of everything is beginning subside…not because it’s smaller, but because the events have made room for themselves in our lives. Things become slightly easier to deal with when they are not at the forefront of everything.

Stretch. Breathe. Thank God you can.