Well, this Monday morning I feel much better. 🙂 I have decided to learn After Effects…considering that it’s on my resume and all…I should probably know it. It has been surprisingly easy thus far. And it’s fun learning something new.

And Blog I shall…because I have a moment to myself thanks to a meeting in LA. I’ve been attacked by some sort of ill-willed germ thing that is making my head feel like a lead balloon. I am taking my vitamin gummy bears, but it doesn’t seem to help. I guess I’ll be just waiting this one out.

At work, ho-hum…Tonight Manda is coming over to help us with all the photos from the wedding, from scanning to organizing to albuming. I am making dinner, perhaps chicken, yes I think chicken.

Okay, it’s early and I’m tired, but my husband is awake and if I don’t get up when he gets up I miss getting to spend time with him in the morning. The house is coming together and we are half way thru returning our duplicate gifts. I kicked my hubby’s butt in canasta last night…heh, heh. And now I am off to my job…we are holding audition call-backs today so it should be somewhat interesting.