Wow, busy week. I am not working the insane hours that my husband is, but I do feel like I have barely had a free moment all week. I have a lot to do. The laundry is piling up, there is not silverware in the drawer, I haven’t gotten the mail in 4 days, not to mention I have 2 side projects that both have to be done next week. I think my head may explode. After 3 days of really needing to do yoga, I finally got to last night and I feel so much better for having done it.

Tonight we all venture to Santa Monica to see Dave play for the last time, in a while or forever? We don’t know, but the mere thought of missing out on his music is very saddening. There is so little that lasts. If you are happy about anything, enjoy it while you can. In the immortal words of Cosmo Castarini, “Everything is temporary! That don’t excuse nothin’!”

Good day all! I’m not really that enthusiastic, but I am trying to talk myself into it.

Christopher and I have a guest for the week. DZ is staying with us and I believe he has brought the weather of Seattle with him. But DZ can stay at our place whenever he wants, because he is a wonderful cook. He cannot, however, move in because I would never fit into my jeans again. I am still reeling from last night’s festival of butter and cheese…mmmmmmmm.

This week has been a nice break from “business as usual”. Tomorrow my normal work week returns on a plane at 12:30pm PST. The dog must stay home, the music must be low, the TV must be off, and funnily enough I will be doomed to get less done each and every day. If you like your job, be thankful. If you don’t, start looking for something better. I feel the winds of change…

The day of love, and I want to say right here, right now how much I love my husband. Christopher, you are the only person I ever wanted to spend my life with. I am thankful every day for your place in my life.

Spread the love today.

“Today, pick up a mirror and look into it until you see Spirit’s truth reflecting back. You are a person of great style and enormous substance. Did you know that? You are a person of beauty, intelligence, vision, warmth, power, influence, strength, wit, generosity, compassion, and soul. And if you don’t see this, you’ve been looking for your worth in all the wrong faces, and I don’t care who you live with.”

–Sarah Ban Breathnach

Hello World!

I am feeling pretty good today. Slightly more energetic than I have been the past few days. And the rest of my week is going to be decidedly pleasant, so that is good. I have much to do today, as with any other day. My list never seems to shrink. I am ready for lunch already.

Oh, if anyone has any quotes of wisdom that actually came from some one you know (Grandma, Mom, Uncle Fred, etc.) I am starting a little collection of homespun teachings. please email them to me.

Have a great day!