I have a wonderful, sweet husband. Last night we went out and celebrated my birthday six days early, because he is going to be working late on my actual birthday. It was very nice, we had a lovely dinner at my favorite place ever, PF Changs. And he gave me a beautiful card and a shopping spree (yay!). But my favorite part of the evening was that he planned it all for me and it was a surprise. I just love him to pieces. Thank you, babe.

This new video project is proving harder than the others at every turn. Now I am faced with having to find my “country” side. It’s really tough to find something in yourself that you hope doesn’t exist 🙂 I am doing another highlight video to be played at a friend’s wedding. They gave me a cd of their favorite music, I am having a hard time wanting to use any of it. I can see some virtue in it, but it’s not really wedding-y. When’s the last time you heard, “Elvira” or “The Gambler” at a wedding?

So what happens to the last 30 minutes before lunch? Why must it drag on? I’m hungry and my carbohydrate-deprived brain can’t focus on anything but food and I am forced to watch that incessant clock that I am sure breaks at exactly 11:30 a.m. everyday. Come ooooooon!

~ Stupid Bloody Tuesday ~

A phrase I’ve always liked, but I don’t feel that inhospitable toward the day that has most recently dawned. Things are in the air. Things are changing…maybe. More to come as I feel more at liberty to talk about it. I always enjoy the opportunity to shake up my little world. Which, if you know, me is completely untrue. I will hold on white-knuckled to “the way things are”, because frankly, change terrifies me. I am so worried about losing things that I enjoy, I will sit stagnant for far too long. But this is my simple way of living on the edge. There are things that give me a very specific “shaky-ground” feeling and even though my knees rattle at the very thought, I know that I must fling myself into something that is new and scary and great. I can’t let myself become the kind of person that can’t deal with change. Life is change. So eyes wide open, head first, both feet, I go.

A lot has happened it seems. A guest has left, continuing his adventures abroad(The lucky sap is in Fiji); I have contracted a nasty cold, which laid me out for 5 days; and the most important of all: a new perfect little angel has begun her life. As you may already know little E.V. (Emily Victoria) was born to Heather & Todd Meyers on March 2nd at 12:48 a.m. I have to say they are 2 of the luckiest people I know. Baby is healthy and happy, Mom is “so much more comfortable now” as she puts it.

As for myself, I am feeling much better today. Not great, but I feel progress which is good.