Well, my mouth is officially decay free! This is something that I was very glad to hear after not having been to the dentist for over 4 years. The hygenist said that my teeth and gums were in very good shape, especially considering all that my mouth has been through in the last 3 years. Flossing is very important and is the best way to prevent tooth loss. Also, Listerine is good & peroxide is bad for rinsing your mouth. When you floss you “v” the floss around the tooth and guide the floss down along the tooth, below the gumline. If your gums bleed, that means that you are removing infection with the floss and exposing raw tissue. For best results, you should then rinse with Listerine. Can you tell I learned a lot? I really didn’t understand why flossing was so important before yesterday. Also, props to the staff at Dr. Patricia Ryan’s office. They are wonderful! All ladies, very sweet and understanding about my extensive “history”. First time I have ever been pleased with a visit to the dentist.

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