Monday, Monday…

This weekend was over in a blink, but it feels like it as a whole week long. I did some cleaning, went and got Manda, picked up some groceries, bbq’d, watched “Princess Bride”, made Bananas Foster, watched “Josh and the Big Wall”, went to the beach, got more movies, made breakfast, watched Monty Python and the holy grail, watched Robin Hood Men in tights, took Manda home, grabbed some chinese food, went to target to get some S-video cable, watched The Flim Flam Man, went out for bagels, went to church, got some Quizno’s, went to Disneyland, ate at Tony Roma’s, went to Todd & Heather’s, watched “The Hunted”. Pretty full weekend, huh?

I am tired.

Workin’ for a Living

I’ve been really working hard, especially the last 2 days. I fear that this will be the norm until the end of this term. Our school is having its annual internal audit. So all of the forms must be double checked. All of the teachers must be teaching enthusiastically. All of the students must stay on task. And all of the documentation for each class must be easily accessible for the audit staff. It was the last requirement that prompted me to outline my lesson plans for the whole week. It feels like i have more of a grasp of what is going on now. I am also getting to the point where I am going to be able to tell my students their grades.

In short, I feel like I am getting ahead. I am still drowning, but as my dear husband reminded me earlier this week. I need to keep trying to “breathe above the water”.

"Sometimes you just want a mouthful of cake"

Well, this weekend was a nice break from the insanity that will be my work week for the next month. We did anything but work, which has its flaws and its virtues. But beyond that I am teetering between feeling completely overwhelmed and totally in control. No this is not one of those wonderfully consistant times in my life. I am riding the waves of a “tumultuous” period. Even if the high tide is only in my own head, it still makes for an eventful ride.

I also have found that my new mini muffin baking pan is the best of all possible baking worlds. I made little cupcakes with frosting and I think they are just great. Like I was telling my husband, they are just enough when you want a sweet bite, but not a whole big piece of cake. He didn’t seem to get the idea 🙂

Stop the Madness!

Wow, the last week has been insane. I was finally figuring out what in the heck I was doing with my class and getting comfortable. Then the program director asked me to take on 2 more classes. One is a Photoshop class and the other is another Quark class. I am not worried about the subject as much as I am lost because it is the middle of the term. The students have been contending with subs for a couple of weeks now and I have to come in and restore harmony and productivity…yeah right.

They are all a bit resistant to change, but I am trying to weasle it in where I can. My Photoshop class decided to have a Quake tournament across the network. Our new IT guys came in like gang busters and locked us all out for the rest of class. That made things even harder, since everything they were working on was not saved locally.

What happened? My life was simple last week.