This week…

I am glad my work week ends today. I have quite a lot to do and I am going to try to get it done this weekend.

Manda and I are going to Disneyland tomorrow, which should be fun…and actually now that I’ve said the word I seem to remember having a wonderful evening with my husband last night.

We had gone to The Block to buy a few software books and we noticed that there was a new bowling alley there. So we checked it out. I have to say I think it is the coolest bowling alley ever. It is very swanky and everything is new and clean, I have never seen a new bowling alley. And I bowled a great 2 games (for me). The shoes were even new and clean…wow! There were couches by the lanes and the waitress brought us dinner and drinks right there. It was awesome!

Anyway, I am looking forward to non-work time this weekend and some fun. But not really rest. I don’t think there will be any rest. I am simply too busy.

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