They’re trying to kill me…

Well, here it is the second day in a row that I am subbing for 2 other classes making the fact that I get off work at 11am null and void. I really need this extra time to get some things done before leaving town. Plus I have to get everything together for the dogs. Sheesh. I feel like my head is going to explode. Oh, and I will be doing this tomorrow too. Of course I could be really difficult and say no, but I know they need the help and I am really just being paid for my time, nothing more. And this will make it seem like I’m not really taking anytime off of work when I look at my paycheck. *breathe* okay. I am going to make this work.

Back to Norman

Things are getting a little calmer, but we have some plans to make and…then do. But the term seems to be going well, I’ve already had an unexpected day off woooo!

My doggie is so cute and she really thinks she is a person and that we are just taller and bald 🙂

Soon my Grandmother will bring her dogs here so that we can watch them while she and Grandpa go on vacation for 2 weeks. So there will be 3 dogs in this little apartment and the clincher is Scarlett and the other 2 don’t get along. Oh boy, this should be fun. At least I will get some good stories out of it.


Boy this holiday break has not been much of a break. With one thing or another it seems that I’ve been on the go quite a lot. Well, this is it my last day. Tomorrow I start back to work where my lovely class of 32 in a classroom with 25 computers. When will this madness end?

It looks to be an interesting year. Hopefully a bit of international travel, yay! I’ve been getting burried by my own to do lists and getting things in order to have a most productive new year. So yesterday I took a few hours out and went to Disneyland for a bit. I’m not the biggest fan of going by myself but I did get to ride exactly what I wanted, which included 3 rounds on the Matterhorn. There was hardly anyone there, very nice. It was a fun break.

I am ready to see what will happen in 2004.