Just another day in the life….

I had an interesting day yesterday. Nothing major happened. I got laundry done talked to a few people on the phone. And went out to dinner with Jess.

I miss hanging out with Jess. Manda and I were talking about how wierd it is that as you get older you end up having more and more really close friends, that you don’t see that often.

As you get older there seem to be a lot of things that seem wierd, or are not the way you thought they would be. I am getting more used to this phenomenon, but at times you just wish there was some logic in place for the very common things that no one really ever tells you about.

I am enjoying learning more about how life really is, even though it isn’t easy sometimes. But somehow I feel comforted by the fact that it is possible to be genuinely happy. I think this is a new realization for me. It is possible to be healthy and happy and fulfilled. That doesn’t mean the storms of life won’t blow you off course from time to time. And this also comes with the realization that nothing is ever perfect. But that becomes one of the things you learn to accept. Sometimes you have to step out of your skin and really look at your life objectively. And when you do…don’t you really have a lot to be happy about?

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