Post 300

Well, I braved the mountain yesterday. Splash Mountain that is. I am a big chicken when it comes to fast, scary rides, but yesterday was my day of victory. DZ and Nicole and I decided on a whim to go to Disneyland for the day. I can hardly believe what an easy time we had and all we got to do in a bit under 8 hours. Fighting the crowds at the Happiest place on Earth should be an olympic sport. But we did great! Good times,noodle salad.

Today my body seems to have reached its limit on the abuse I have been dishing out for the last week. For 7 days straight, we’ve cleaned, moved furniture, grocery shopped, cooked, toured theme parks, visited art galleries. I have been running on about 5-6 hours of sleep. Not good enough for me. And on top of that I have started my new schedule at work, which requires me to leave the house at 6:30am. So I need to slow down, drink some water, eat some fruits and veggies, stretch, and rest.

I guess there is only so much fun the body can take.

Incidentally, peanut butter & chocolate chip Quaker bars are great!

Another Day

Another first day of a new term that is. This is the evil term of Saturdays. Well, so far I am not minding too much. I remember more about Quark than I thought. So the house is getting closer and closer to not being a hideous mess. We are tearing apart the office for real this time. And I just have to say…we have too much freaking stuff!

Manda will be moving in for the Summer on Friday, and DZ will be arriving tomorrow night for a little vacation. Christopher’s sister is coming too. Then we have Napa, then we are going to my parents and getting the dog fixed. My head is spinning a little from all of the drama. Too much stuff, again.

Maybe I just need to ‘liminate’. Thanks Gram.

Hotel California

I am sorry, but Arizona and I just don’t jive. I was tired and dry and coughing the whole time we were there. And the sun takes forever to set. Once it finally does go down, the temperature is much more tolerable. Anyway, I am glad to be back in my favorite state.

It was great to see Chris’ Aunt Debi graduate, we are so proud of her.

Two more days left of this term and I get a much needed break. 5 days of rest that I intend to maximize.

the world according to ong

Well, maybe not the world, but my corner of it and all. I don’t really want to even acknowledge the sludge that is going on in certain other places on this planet, so I won’t…not here.

Mother’s Day was a lot of fun. We went to see my parents. It was a lovely time, we ate a lot of good food, had great wine and a good many laughs.

This weekend Christopher’s Aunt is graduating and we are sooooo very excited for that. Nothing is more impressive than a person’s ability to seize what opportunities still lie before them and not hide behind excuses like, “I’m too old.” Goooooo Debi!

Looks like Manda will be taking up residency with us for the Summer as to establish her own right here in SoCal and make the Southland her home. We applaud such efforts, happy to help. Gooooooo Manda!

Also on the horizon is my new schedule…yuk. I will be on the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday shift for the next 10 weeks. I am not thrilled about working on Saturdays. Supposedly everyone is going to love this new 3 days schedule as opposed to the previous 4 day. We shall see.

What else? DZ is coming in for a visit in a couple weeks. The parents and Chris and I will be going to Napa later in the Summer. And hopefully we will get a chance to use our Disneyland passes some day soon. I miss that place.

That’s all for now. Have a good week.


Anything good I was feeling this morning has turned sour in my stomach as I hold in my hand the evaluations for this term. I have always faired at least satisfactorily on these evals. Me as a teacher. But this time there seems to be a cloud looming overhead. Last time I passed these out, I got raked over the coals for the fact that the students liked me but did not like the school. Some interesting policy that I was not aware of. So now I have to wait and see what they say now.