Last Day

Today is the last day of the term and I am feeling pretty good this morning. Considering that I still have 2 big projects that need to be taken care of in the next 2 days, I think that is amazing. Things are panning out nicely though and I am going to get my grades turned in as soon as possible to get that off my back.

The next term starts on Monday, so I don’t really get a break. That’s alright I suppose, I forgo the break for not having to work on the weekends any more. I hope I can keep to the new MWF schedule without too many problems. It is so tough to have the T TH Sa schedule. It’s like one endless week. I just had a really hard time keeping up.

I need to get a term-long plan together for the August term so that I have everything planned out on a day to day basis. Once my Master’s program starts toward the end of August, I will have so little time for planning, so I better get the plan together early.

Ugh, have to go. The vast majorinty of my students have left the essay question on the final blank.

"I’m in a very good mood today…"

As a quote, that means nothing to you, dear reader. One of my friends from high school used to say that almost everyday. Spoken in fast-paced, upbeat tones with specific emphasis on the word “very”. I wonder how she is sometimes. Somehow I think she’s not having very many good days anymore. She was one of those people that I kept in contact with, until her life got extremely sad. I am sorry I lost that contact now. Back then I couldn’t comprehend her life, now I have a different perspective. She is now divorced, and has a child with Valley Fever…I hope she still does. Wow. Two of my friends from high school are divorced and we are not even 30 yet.

That wasn’t what I had intended to write, but it gives me an opportunity to be thankful for what I have.

Need to…

do some cleaning

do laundry

do yoga

drink water

work on my grades

plan out my time

sleep more



breathe deep

soak in a cool bath


file my snaggy nail

wear my retainer

go to the doctor/orthodontist

buy ice

buy water

put that thing back in my trunk

clean out my purse


plan a mini vacation

did i say sleep?

get back to work.


Mercuryfrog & Mountain Toad are interviewing my students right now. This is kind of fun for me. First time my husband has seen my place of work or met any of my students. Sometimes you freak out about different parts of your life or people coming together, but this is really fun for me. This way they can understand a little more when I talk about work.

I think this will be helpful for my students in the long run. If they never develop amazing artistic skill that’s not the end of the world. The real challenge of any industry is people skills and communication. The rest is just book knowlegde.


Amazingly I am awake. I was so tired when I first got up this morning and have been really tired lately. I get up at 6 am every day of the week except Monday. Things are going well at the moment and I feel like I have good momentum, but I am getting a little nervous about going back to school this fall. I am going back to get my Masters, and I am worried about how little time I am going to have and how much work I am going to have to do. I am still teaching 2 classes next term, MWF and going to school on M-Th…sheesh, 12 units. I hope I am not taking on too much. Of course I have done way more. So I am not too sure what I am worried about. Also, a semester is going to seem like such a long time as I have gotten used to 10 week terms while teaching. Well, that is just some of what is on my mind. That and all the other projects I have on the table right now. Hopefully, I will get thru them quickly I would love to have my head back and get to relax a little before school starts. I am trying to plan a little weekend getaway for me and the hubby, we both need a little space right now.

The Heat is On

I am at work this morning in my sweltering classroom. I don’t get why it is so hard for the authorities here to have the rooms kept at a normal temperature. Most of the time it is either freezing or boiling. Why can’t they just set the thermostat to like 77 degrees at all times. That would be a miracle.

I am a bit tired this morning, looking forward the the next 2 workless days. I will be glad when this hideous schedule is over. I still after 8 weeks have not gotten used to it. I want back to normal…..pleeeeeeease.

Mind Race

I am physically tired. My mind needs a day or two, just to get around all of the stuff I have to do and how it will all get done. My task list is so long at this point that I start to feel an inner anxiety when I think about it. I can’t seem to justify all of the self healing things I want to do tonight and tomorrow because then the list, like a mass of unmonitored bunnies, will multiply out of control. Maybe not, but it feels that way. So if you love me please, don’t ask me for another thing until I can grab hold and dangle for a few seconds.

Let freedom ring…

I love America…present company included. We do have our share of idiots and more than our share of loudmouths who talk a lot and say nothing. We are selfish and humble, spoiled and hardworking. We have opportunity that we let flatten under our feet because the game is on. We watch reality television and laugh at our fellow citizens. We shoot off illegal fireworks to celebrate and honor our country and all it was founded on. We talk on cell phones in movie theatres and order more deep fried potatos in a given year than I want to think about. In southern California, we are highlighted, fake and baked, acrylic’d, designer’d, bmw’d and still not satisfied with the effects of our last botox session. We are fake, false and shallow, but we are also real, lasting and genuine. Some more than others, of course. I am sure I have my moments…and you do too. That’s called freedom.


Christopher and I have started walking in the mornings. It is quite nice. We get some exercise and get a chance to talk about the little daily things in more detail. It is lovely when you find an extra bit of time you didn’t know you had, :)and even better when you get to spend it with someone you love.

Have a great day everyone!


I am skipping my usual low cal lunch for a small indulgenc, which is important from time to time. The school is providing us with complimentary root beer floats in celebration of the 4th. The root beer is a local brand, (Big Bear) very good. And the icecream is homemade, also a plus. So these add up to a cool treat. What a nice way to begin my 4 day weekend. Cheers!