Pacing Myself

I am trying to manage my time (with the help of my husband) to make sure I am getting enough done. My Master’s program is going to be demanding a lot of time from me for the next 4 months. After one week, I realized that I had 7 chapters of reading to do, and one class, the teacher didn’t show up so I that class is not even included.

I read 4 chapters this weekend and have 3 more to go. This reading is pretty tough to get through. A lot of it is written in what my professor calls “scholar speak” devised purposely to be intimidating. But I think once I get into a routine I will be doing well. And if all goes well this semester, I am pretty sure I will be glad to have gotten these classes out of the way at one time.

I do have to say that being in a graduate program is nothing like my undergrad. The good thing is the caliber of students isn’t the timewasting, whiners I had to deal with in my undergrad. It is much more challenging, but I am glad for the challenge. At least at this point, I am. 🙂


I have not been so glad to see aFriday in quite some time. This week was a little nervewracking as I learned that I have signed up for a whole lot of work in my Master’s program. I am excited for the new challenges that lay ahead, but it has been a while since I have had this much on my plate. The good news is that if I get thru this next 4 months I will have a good chunk under my belt and hopefully will have a better time as I go on.

I have no sympathy for my students at all anymore. I am done making things easy for them, because it’s not easy out there in the job market and they are going to have to work. No way around it. So suck it up guys. 🙂

School Daze

I am a little antsy about starting school today. I am sure it won’t be bad, in fact I may even like it. 🙂 I am just very tense and I am going to have to do something about that soon. I wanted to go get a massage yesterday, but I didn’t make it out of the house. I got a lot done at home, but still should’ve ventured out.

(later) Just had a little pep talk with my students. I told them how they should take responsibility for their education. They were complaining that teachers don’t require enough of them. When the truth is that we are limited on how much we require of them because we can’t fail everyone. It’s not good for our evaluations, not good for the school as a whole to have so many failing students.

I don’t know, hope it did some good. I just don’t know how to get through to them.

Back to School

Quote literally for me. I have been out for just over 3 years now and I am going back to get my Masters. One thing I haven’t missed is how expensive school is. $370 for books…sheesh!

Walking around campus yesterday to get my stuff in order, I was noticing how old I feel when I look around at the neonates they are letting into college these days. But I also felt young when I thought about the fact that I am really still in my college years and you don’t qualify as re-entry until your 30 (in my book). 🙂

Anyway, I am happy it’s Friday, I need a little break from my students and the apathy that runs rampant through my classrooms. This generation is killing me. It’s as though 70% of them don’t get that they have to take responsibility for their future. They just float along feeling sorry for themselves. It’s really sad.

Down with Love

I have to say…I was very sketchy about this little film but I loved it! It was great, but I will have to agree that if you don’t like those old Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies…this is probably not for you. The film is very stylized and because it didn’t end up being a normal looking movie I think it got a bad wrap. It pulls you into an alternate universe that existed about 45 years ago in the world of classic cinema. It was pretty darn funny, a cute little story that borrowed from Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back and Sex & the Single Girl. The dialouge was catchy if a little trite. Costumes, music, and sets glowed brilliantly, almost as if they were characters in the story.

The stars were captivating and the characters uniquely loveable. It was a joy to watch. I think I was literally smiling the whole way thru. This one is a buy for me. I recommend it if you can bend enough to get on board with something completely swanky and fun!

Empty Room

I am sitting in my classroom right now at 7:50 a.m. I am the only one here which is not good since my class starts at 7:30 a.m. I know it is hard to get up early on a Monday and come to school but I am here…on time and I came from 36 miles away. This is not going to be good for my students. I have decided to give them a one question quiz each day and I will hand that out at 7:35 a.m. If you miss it, you miss it. No making it up.

I am really sick of these students not taking an active interest in their own education. Kevin Picciuto said something to me this weekend that I think I am going to have to start employing, he said, “I tell my students that I will work as hard as they work.” Should be like a holiday for me.

HB to HL

It is my mother’s birthday today…Happy Birthday MOM!!!

Nice to be facing a relaxing weekend. I’ve been a bit under pressure this week. Seems like everyday there was so much to do. And then my husband has been working incredibly long days on a big project so I try to have as much done as possible before he gets home, so he can just relax. We are needing a bit of a break and I think this weekend will provide that.

I am anxious about going back to school and just hoping that I can balance everything so that I don’t feel like I am drowning. I can sort of see it as being a time for me to sit back and learn something for me. And somehow in school I seemed to have more time to just think and process things. We’ll see if that is still the case.

Happy weekend, everyone.

Movie Madness

Okay, so we got talked into buying the month pass at Blockbuster. Probably will only have it for one month, and hopeful get our use out of it. Saw Hell Boy last night. Not really good, but not horrible.

The weekend was good times. We hung out with Tood & Heather & Manda for the afternoon, and then Tim & Kyle joined us in the evening. Dinner at Norm’s. Watched The Whole Nine Yards (v. funny) Then yesterday, church, phone shopping, and more movies.

It was a fun weekend though. I adored being home with everyone on Saturday. I love my new schedule.


I am not into this new term just yet. Luckily, it’ only the second day. so I have a little time to warm up.

As for now though, I am not feeling the love. Would rather be at ome asleep.