Down with Love

I have to say…I was very sketchy about this little film but I loved it! It was great, but I will have to agree that if you don’t like those old Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies…this is probably not for you. The film is very stylized and because it didn’t end up being a normal looking movie I think it got a bad wrap. It pulls you into an alternate universe that existed about 45 years ago in the world of classic cinema. It was pretty darn funny, a cute little story that borrowed from Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back and Sex & the Single Girl. The dialouge was catchy if a little trite. Costumes, music, and sets glowed brilliantly, almost as if they were characters in the story.

The stars were captivating and the characters uniquely loveable. It was a joy to watch. I think I was literally smiling the whole way thru. This one is a buy for me. I recommend it if you can bend enough to get on board with something completely swanky and fun!

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