Tea & Sympathy

I had tea this morning, because I didn’t have time to get my coffee before I headed off to work. It really is a lousy substitute. when yo are wanting coffee.

My students are once again, or should I say still, retarded. Their attendance bites. I don’t know how they expect to do well in this class. My other class is great about attendance, but I just haven’t figured out an appeal that works for my morning classes. They don’t seem to care and that’s just going to hurt them in the long run.

My parents are coming this weekend, which should be cool. I miss them. I would love to blow off all of my schoolwork and just hang out for the weekend with no worries. My brain needs a break. It really scares me that I feel this burnt already and I have only just begun. Hopefully, teaching only one class next term will help lessen that load.

Mmmm…I’m sleepy.

Frozen Toes

I woke up this morning to a pleasantly chilly house. It was a lovely little surprise. I have been done with Summer for a while now. Don’t get me wrong I like a sunny day just like anyone, but a whole season is just too much to deal with. I’ll take the chill, thank you. My coffe is extra delicious this morning. 😉


Well, I am not a fan of the Emmy’s usually. I watched last night because I desperately needed a break from my mind-bending homework. It was somewhat entertaining, but in my opinion it’s really a lame telecast. There are too many awards and the winners get no time to say anything. Then when they do they ramble a list of names while the orchestra swells and fades in the background. The montage of shows that ended this year was ridiculous…why did they waste airtime on that? It is just surprising to me that a show that celebrates the medium of television wouldn’t take more care to put on a quailty production. I mean, yes…Garry Shandling is funny, but was it me or did he look like he was on some kind of narcotic high? “No really” “I mean come on” should not be the mainstay of a host’s monologue.

“Angels in America” took home a slew of awards. I’ve not seen it, but supposedly it is a really serious piece about the devastation of AIDS and the writer gets up there and twitters about being made “an honest gay man”. The actors had far more poignant things to say.

The best part of the entire evening was when they brought out the 2 “real” people to present the reality tv award and the girl chit-chatted with Jennifer Aniston from the stage…huh…maybe reality tv really is better.

Interpersonal Communication is like…

Well, our professor didn’t like our team’s metaphor for interpersonal communication (between 2 people). Our project is to come up with a metaphor and present it to the class as a group. So now we are back to square one, trying to figure out a metaphor for the communication between 2 people. I haven’t been able to think of anything all night. I know there must be something, but we have to do this presentation in 2 weeks and I am feeling really anxious about not having a topic.

I have a bit of homework looming over me, so I am not going to my one class today. It is such a fluff class and I am way ahead in the reading. So I am going to stay home and try to get some work done. Physically I have not been feeling great either, I think I am just getting worn out. So a little R & R will be in order as well. I tried to sleep in this morning, but I can’t seem to stay in bed past 8:30. So hopefully today I can turn things around a bit and get back in control.

Blank Slate

I am noticing something in my Master’s program. It is odd, but as we trudge through all of this text and theory, I am reminded often of things I learned in high school. I had 3 years of Honors English with Mr. Rich Langille. He was a looming unshaven character that towered over us and called us his “bearsie wearsies”. Some thought he was pure evil and lived for our torture, others saw the value in what he was teaching us. I knew that I liked his class. I knew that he was really very intelligent and in his own right he was pushing us to be better than we ever were before. That in itself was a noble effort.

But it is only today, as I sit in my graduate classes that I see what he really gave us. His English classes were not all reading and discussing tons of classical literary works, though we did do plenty of that. Half of class time was devoted to what he called, “Cultural Literacy”, in which he named several (25 per quarter) famous artists, philosophers, writers, theorists, composers, scientists and told us about their significance in history. Included in these lectures (and research we had to conduct ourselves) were theories and concepts that, I am now aware, were very advanced for high school students.

Just today, I had a flashback to 9th grade where I was learning about “tabula rasa” or the blank slate theory… just as it had been described to me then, I was reading about it now, dare I say, 13 years later.

Little things like that never cease to amaze me. And if I could only find Langille now, I would love to tell him about this and how he helped me be exactly what I always wanted to be…one step ahead.

Midterm Day

I am happy that I get to be the one giving the test today, because soon enough I will have to be on the taking end of some pretty intense tests.

My students did fairly well, and I give them plenty of opportunity to help themselves. So hopefully, they will tune in for the rest of the term and pay atttention. Our new project will start next week and I am excited about it. I think it will be fun for them. More to come on that.

As for me I am starting to get into a groove regarding my own school work. I still need to make a master list of what will be done in each class for the entire semester.

Glad for the 3 day weekend. I need a break 🙂


Since being back in school, I am reading anywhere from 7-12 chapters of text a week. This is a lot of new information to introduce into my brain at a time. I feel like between reading and lectures and work, I have no time to really process the information. And the only time I stop during the day is when I lay down to go to sleep at night. It’s all I can do to keep my brain cleared of thought, so that I can sleep. That being the case, I am having a hard time falling a sleep and sleeping soundly. Not for lack of being tired, I’m exhausted. But my brain isn’t finding the time it needs to go through all I am learning. Hopefully, this will not harm me in the long run and I will, by some miracle, retain all of this information.

Merc and I went thru a potential study plan for my Master’s program last night, and it seems as though it may be feasible for me to get through this rather quickly. I hope it all works out and the classes I need are offered when I need them. I hope. I hope.