Day off

Well, I am off from work until next Wednesday. I know that’s a whole week, but for some reason it seems like no time at all. Probably because I have school work and all of my prep for a new term facing me.

I feel so blah today, I am so glad my night class was cancelled. Keep thinking maybe I should take some time to rest in here, but there is so much to do that I just find myself dwelling on that instead of relaxing. I am so bad at that. I dwell on things too much. I am a worrier and a dweller.

It’s warm outside and that is pissing me off. I just want it to be winter already. I think cuddling up and trying to keep warm will make me feel better somehow. I find the heat irritating. I couldn’t care less about the beautiful sunshine. Guess I’m crabby 🙂

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