Hubby invited me out to lunch today at P.F. Chang’s, probably my favorite restaurant. I couldn’t resist even though I would’ve liked to get a lot done today. Cool thing is, even with the yummy interruption I seem to have gotten quite a bit done and I feel very good about the day as a whole. yay.

It’s nice to have a good day. I think it ended up being better than usual because I took a lot of time out today to take care of myself. I got in a short workout, nice chat with a friend, and still managed to finish what I needed to have done by tonight. All in all I am happy.

Need to start ramping up for school, it starts next Monday, eek 🙂

Soak up the Sun

Oddly fitting since we here in SoCal are having summer weather in January. Also for some reason I keep think that it is the end of the month, like it’s gonna be February any minute. Hrm. Wonder why. I guess it’s just me getting ahead of myself again.

I am taking a moment in a long day to myself to listen to a little Sheryl Crow and try to recharge before my night class begins in oh say 9 minutes. No one is here yet, so maybe I can steal a few more moments.

I have a lot of work ahead of me tomorrow. Need to do some housekeeping as far as my classes go. Grade sheets to make, projects to grade, a little prep, and a lot of organizing. Christopher will be out of the house, so I won’t feel bad like I am ignoring him. And my short night class is tomorrow, and the Apprentice! and E.R. yay! Should be rewarding if I get all my work done.

Random: I feel a bit like I am in my own little movie as I type this. I can see my fingers typing but all I hear is the music in my ears. Well, it’s making smile for now 🙂

Late Night Parties

Well, more like night classes. Hehe. Life is so exciting for me. I’m at work, which in some ways I really enjoy, but in others I feel like I am not giving enough to my students. I want to be able to teach them something that they really value. And I don’t want them to think that I am just hanging out and not giving them anything useful. I feel a great responsibility, and probably more so since I have gone back to school and feel at times like some instructors are not providing anything new.

Don’t know what my problem is really, I suppose I always feel like I am not stacking up in one area or another of my life. Maybe that promotes growth, maybe I am just beating myself up. I shall try to figure that one out.

Burning the Candle

I am a sick puppy. Mentally. I think somewhere inside I like being busy. Which is odd since I am such a whiner about it. I stress out at the drop of a hat and right there in the moment I am saying to myself, “Calm down, this is nothing to get upset about.” Then I feel dumb for not taking my own advice. *Sigh*

If I have too much time on my hands I feel obligated to be productive all of the time. I find myself saying, “there must be something else I can get done”. I guess the truth is I feel more entitled to R & R when I am busiest becuse I feel like I’ve earned it.

Well, here’s to another long day in the can (as we film folks say).

Wet Monday

It seems as though they keep underestimating how long this rain is going to stay around. While I love the rain, I can’t help but wonder if everything would be easier if i didn’t have to trudge through the 3 inches of water. The dark heavy sky never seems to run out of supply and just keeps showering us relentlessly. Sometimes the rain floods down like the tide and sometimes it sprays lightly, but there hasn’t been a break in nearly 4 days. I am continually amazed by it.

A new year

New Year’s is a great time to start things anew. I am having a good feeling about getting so completely organized. Synced up with the Palm Pilot and Outlook, I think I have all my bases covered. I am still getting used to how all of this will work and figuring out what will work best for me. I have never been able to use a calendar type of organizer. Hopefully this will work well because I should always have the Palm with me. So I am training myself to keep putting things into the Palm to get them off of my mind.

That is part of a stress-free productivity strategy outlined in a book I am reading. I think if I can keep up all of the “housekeeping” that goes along with it, things will stay much more under control.

That’s all for now…on to the next.