Soak up the Sun

Oddly fitting since we here in SoCal are having summer weather in January. Also for some reason I keep think that it is the end of the month, like it’s gonna be February any minute. Hrm. Wonder why. I guess it’s just me getting ahead of myself again.

I am taking a moment in a long day to myself to listen to a little Sheryl Crow and try to recharge before my night class begins in oh say 9 minutes. No one is here yet, so maybe I can steal a few more moments.

I have a lot of work ahead of me tomorrow. Need to do some housekeeping as far as my classes go. Grade sheets to make, projects to grade, a little prep, and a lot of organizing. Christopher will be out of the house, so I won’t feel bad like I am ignoring him. And my short night class is tomorrow, and the Apprentice! and E.R. yay! Should be rewarding if I get all my work done.

Random: I feel a bit like I am in my own little movie as I type this. I can see my fingers typing but all I hear is the music in my ears. Well, it’s making smile for now 🙂

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