Busy, but good.

This is how I would descibe my life, 85% of the time. The other 15% is either not busy or not good. For the most part I have a good time. I love my husband more than any other human on earth. He is perfect for me and I think I am good for him too. My job is fun, despite the frequent frustrations from above me and below me on the ladder. My health is ok, I don’t have the most energy in the world, but I rarely get sick, which I am grateful for. My family rocks! (And they can cook!) My friends are cool and funny and constantly entertaining with the kookiness they posess. My dog is a cute little schmoopsie and I love her cause she cuddles and a dog that doesn’t cuddle is a waste of fur. I am going to school for my Mater’s degree which is all of intimidating, hard, exciting and a fun challenge. I have an ever growing to-do list, but I squeeze in time for hugs and cuddles from my loved ones, and steal away a little time each week to call Ang to gab. I can cook pretty damn well if I do say so myself, and I like to despite the ease of dining out.

So life is good for me, how are you today?

Roll Credits

Well, we are coming to the close of another semester, and not a moment too soon. I am so happy to be busting my schedule back down to only 2 classes. As it is I am not focusing enough on my schoolwork.

Lots of stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks though. A wedding, a visit from the in-laws, my birthday. Just need to get organized. I seem to have abandoned my lists all together and that is not good.


I feel like it is the apocolypse and no one told me. I have no students. No one is here but me and I am finding that rather odd. You’d think at least one would show up. Hrm.

I love watching TV on Thursday nights and if I could watch for the whole 3 hours of primetime I would. As it is though, I tape my shows and usually pick up at 9 o’clock with The Apprentice. Love it. Then there is E.R. which I need my weekly fix of, but this week? Oh no, “new show” is premiering. Who wants to watch “new show”?? I miss my E.R. docs already, sniff. Oh well, maybe I will actually get some rest tonight. 🙂


It creeps up so slowly that you blink one day and you are much older than you think you are. Funny how I find myself thinking “I’m…no wait, how old am I now?” Anyway, another yearly milestone is coming around for me. In just about a month, I will be celebrating another year of life. And even though I may complain about “feeling” old, I’ll have you know for sure that my life is just the way it should be and there is no where else I’d rather be. Life is passing seasons, they come and go. Good and bad, I’ll take it all. If nothing ever changed, how would I learn?

Sing it with me: “All my life’s a circle, sunrise and sundown. The moon rolls thru the nighttime and the daybreak comes around. All my life’s a circle, but I can’t tell you why. The season’s spinning round again. the years keep rolling by.”