White Noise

I am a person who likes to have the tv on in the background when I’m doing, well, just about anything. It’s odd for me when things are all quiet. I don’t really put music on much. In most cases I tune it out and constantly have to pretend it’s not on so I can think clearly. But tv is different for me. I go about doing whatever needs to be done, watching intermittently, but not at all interrupted (unless something really compelling is on). So this is what I do. Pretty much daily.

Although sometimes, I will not turn the tv on and do something in the silence. Most times I find it enjoyable for a time. It’s not something I could do all day, but often, when I am alone. I like to be still and just think. Not like that’s a bad thing. I really should do it more often. The odd thing about it is everytime I engage in my quiet time, I find it surprising that I have enjoyed it so much.

Shh. Don’t tell my hubby, he hates the tv and will make me turn it off. :op

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