That’s Incredible!

About a month ago I lost my cell phone at Disneyland on the Haunted Mansion ride. I filed a report with lost and found and they informed me that they usually find things lost on rides and that they would mail it back to me if they found it. I asked that rather than mail it could they just call me since I only live 3.5 miles away. They made a note on my form and I went home to wait. I called a few times and didn’t get much response. So a week later I went down to ask if anyone had any news for me. The clerk told me that, not only did they find it, but it was on it’s way back to me in the mail. I guess no one read those notes. Well, okay…so they’d mail it to me. Fine. After 2 weeks of waiting, I decided to call back to find out what the hold-up was. I was sure that the US Postal service was not quite so slow. I asked them to check the address and surprise, no apartment number. *Sigh*

“Okay, so what will happen when it gets returned to you?”

“We’ll try to figure out why it got returned. Then we may send it out again, or we may call you.”

“Okay, thanks.”

In the mean time my husband is telling me how they will never find it, and certainly won’t go to the trouble of mailing it again if they do find it. I asked one of my students, a Disneyland employee to see if she could get in there and look for me. She tried, but no luck. It wasn’t there. So I finally relented and decided to shop for another phone. All the while telling everyone, “You know as soon as I buy a new phone my old one will show up in the mail, I am sure of it!” But we went shopping anyway and as I soon found out, the whole cell phone game is a total scam. The cheesey little phone I had cost $129.00, and it is soooooo nothing special, so obviously anything that would be considered cool was upwards of $200.00! Sheesh!

So last weekend my parents were here visiting and I told them the story of my lost phone. My mom said she would gladly send me her old phone, then I would not have to sell my kidneys to buy a replacement. So thankfully as soon as she got home she dropped it off in the mail. It landed in my mailbox on Thursday afternoon, one month to the day after I lost my phone.

I decided to call Disneyland one last time, before I went to go buy a new SIM card for my recycled phone. I even noted to the clerk who answered, “It’s been a month, so this will probably be the last time I call.” He asked if I had called in about it before and I had to giggle at that one. I filled him in on what I supposed had happened, so he offered to go look through their returned mail. So I sat on hold listening to a variety of Disney standards (including Bibity-bobity-boo). When he returned, he uttered the unthinkable, “Andrea, I’ve got it.”

“You’re kidding!” I said in disbelief.

I asked him to hold it for me and scurried down to the Happiest Place on Earth, where I was finally reunited with my phone! Un-believeable.

And like I said, all I needed to do was get another phone.

Now I have a back-up 🙂

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