Silly me, I thought the weekend was a time to relax. This weekend was more tiring than my work week. Friday night we went to see Just Dave play in South Pasadena. This marks the first visit to Pasadena that we didn’t get lost…Miraculous! Then Saturday, we ran some errands then hubby and I headed off to 2 different places to play cards. He went to a poker night with some work friends and I went to play Canasta at Tim and Kyle’s. I also went to visit Tim after her foot surgery. Then Sunday was a whirlwind of activity with the first half of the day spent at D-land with 2.5 Australians in tow. And the last half (from 5:30pm to 1:30 am, that’s why I say half) at a Jack Johnson concert.

The concert was great fun. He puts on a great show and even though there were 2 opening bands we still got plenty of quality Jack Johnson time. He is a great performer. Matt Costa, one of the openers, came out during the encore and they did a duet of Two of Us, from Let It Be. It was really great. Jack forgot the words a few times, which was even more fun for the audience. It sort of puts celebrities back into their skin for us, makes them real people again. Real people who forget stuff too.

Anyway, after an hour to get out of the parking lot, we finally got home around 1 o’clock. And to end the weekend on a perfect note, I slipped in some mud and fell on my butt. 🙂 Oh well, at least we were home.

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