Give me a break…

No really, I think i will be saying that for the next few months until my Master’s degree is complete. There is so much work set before me this term that all I can really do is take it one week at a time. Not counting all of the reading (100+ pages per week), I will write over 85 pages this term for papers short and long, plus 3 in-class presentations, 4 exams, and 2 projects. Sheesh.

Anyway, on a happier note. I was just talking to one of my students about the film, “The Upside of Anger”. It’s a really good little flick. I think the writing is great and even though these folks are not the happiest crew around, it is really funny. Every time I see Joan Allen in another film, I am convinced of what a great actress she is. So this is my movie recommendation of the week. Everybody else is renting Monster-in-Law or Fever Pitch, so you go rent something different 🙂 Rock the boat!

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