Back and busy!

Happy New Year to all! I bet you’d given up on me, thinking “What did she do? Get eaten by a giant squid??” Nope, I am back. After a hellish few weeks at the end of last term, a whirlwind trip to Vegas, an illness that knocked me on my rear for the duration of my holiday break…I am ready to kick butt.

A new term has begun for the teaching Ong, the learning Ong stil has a few weeks off 🙂

Despite having some wierdness in my sleep patterns, I am slogging through a new week with a little spring in my step. Things ought to be interesting these next few months and if I don’t die first, I think it will really be something to look back on it all.

I will be tackling what i hope will be the last endeavor of my Master’s program and do my first real documentary. I still have some research to do before I settle on a topic. I am excited though, this is something I have wanted to do for a very long time.

So raise a glass to a new year…2006is here!

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