Well, I am a California gal for sure. We spent the day walking around the frigid city of Chicago, 24 degrees about the average temp. I must say these people that live here must be hardened by years of the freezing winds lashing at their faces. I had to laugh at all of the babies bundled up, blinking and wrinkling their brows at the unbelievable temps. I am not sure how people live here, I am sure you get used to it or learn how to protect yourself from the cold, but I am not there yet.

I have learned a few things:
1. Hats are our friends.
2. If a hat doesn’t cover your ears, it is useless.
3. If your scarf is not wrapped around your neck or face, it is useless.
4. Anyone wearing a scarf on the outside of their collar has never experienced the cold.
5. Gloves, like hats, are our friends.

Food, Glorious Food!

We have been eating wonderfully well on this trip…yum! We hit Brazazz again and it was amazing as I had remembered. Then we tried out a Spanish Tapas restaurant called Emelio’s, it was also quite good, and our friendly waiter dropped off two sherries for us at the end of meal. We also ate a a Mediterranean restaurant called Amira. They great mezza platter with very good, garlicky hummus. Last night we ordered take out from the Fox and Obel cafe and picked up a few more desserts. It was wonderful!

Fox and Obel Bakery

Fox and Obel is a charming little gourmet grocer here in Chicago. I fell in love with their bakery the instant I peered into the case. In case you don’t know, I love desserts (as do most women). It is my one big vice. I’m not a smoker, or heavy drinker. I don’t buy riduculously expensive clothes or purses. I don’t drive a sporty car. But I do love me some dessert.

So I carefully selected 4 desserts on my first trip and 2 on my second. I brought them back to the room and sampled each little heavenly treat. They were wonderfully decadent and I am quite glad I decided to indulge. But I didn’t leave you out…

Check out the photos!

Navy Pier

Well, the one thing I wanted to do last year that I didn’t get to do was go to Navy Pier. Once I realized how close it was, I bundled up to visit in person a place I have seen on TV for years. So in 30 degree weather, I walked about 2.5 miles to check out Navy Pier. The view from the pier back to the city was the best part. I walked down to the end, then walked back through the mall that runs the length of the pier. There was a stained glass window display that was very cool to see, 150 different windows. I hope to be going back.

Check out the photos!


Well, I guess you are never too young to fall in the tub. I had a little mishap today. I guess I was reaching too far out of the tub and lost my footing on the slippery surface. I was able to catch myself before I did any real damage, granted my hands were on the floor. My back is a little sore but I’ll live. I am just to klutzy for my own good.

Parent of the Year

Okay, I am not a parent, but I thought this was just wrong.

While eating breakfast, I saw a cute little family with a couple of kids including a 4 year old boy. As the boy was eating breakfast, his mother set down a glass of apple juice in front of him and said, “You better drink your beer.” She referred to the drink as “beer” throughout the meal.

I wonder if she calls lollipops cigarettes too.

Turkey Tacos

One of the best things my family does is the day after Thanksgiving we make turkey tacos for dinner with the leftovers. They are really tasty and I look forward to them all year, but it will have to wait this year. (No worries, I have some meat in the freezer stashed for the occasion.) Give it a try!

Giving Thanks

Well, my favorite holiday is here. I love this day and all of the awesome food that goes with it. I also love the tradition of it. My mom and I make the turkey the same way and her mom before that…slow roasting overnight, yum! For these traditions, and the love and the good food, I am grateful. Enjoy!