Yes…I have one too.

So the hubby and I got matching iPhones at the end of last year. He always has his out, checking his email, twittering, etc. I don’t take mine out as much and inevitably EVERY time I do, whoever we are with says, “You have one too??”

I am beginning to get frustrated by this. It feels sexist or like I am technology deficient or just not as cool. But whatever. I have one too. I love it.

Funny Business

Sometimes my job is really cool. I used to think the same thing when I worked at “O”. Last night the hubby and I made a few bucks video taping a comedy show. I can think of worse ways to spend a Wednesday night. It is quite nice when business and pleasure cross paths.

Granted, I am a bit sore from standing at attention behind the camera for 3 hours, but hey…we got few laughs out of it.

Bringin’ it back.

There are several phrases that I have grown to love and have noticed that they have slipped out of regular use. So I will be…(ahem) Bringin’ em back!

1. “Knuckle Sandwich” – As in, “You wanna knuckle sandwich?” Origin unknown.

2. “Golly Neds” – This would be an “OMG” replacement, said with specific emphasis on each syllable. Origin (for me) my Grandmother, no doubt a carry over from the Depression.

3. “Lady Jane” – What you call a female when she is in big trouble, as in, “You better call me right back, Lady Jane!” Origin (for me) also my Grandmother, let’s just say I heard this phrase a few times.

A weekend away…

Sounds really nice doesn’t it? How about if I tell you we went to Napa to go wine tasting with good friends? And that we would be staying in very nice hotel/spa. That’s even better! What I never would have guessed was that we would spend the weekend trying to stave off the illness that had overcome my husband. But luckily this little episode was short lived and he was able to bounce back in time to spend the evening in Napa with good friends. So it all worked out.

All in all we drove just over 900 miles. That is quite a distance when you get right down to it. But all of that time in the car and a weekend that was not spent working (although we met with 3 clients) was a nice break for my mind. A change of scenery is a good thing and I think is sometimes overlooked.

We also popped in on my parents for Sunday dinner on the way home and surprised my grandparents. I wish I had a camera ready to capture their faces. It was truly priceless.

Places to eat in and around downtown Austin.

This is quite late coming, I know, but while we were in Austin for SXSW we got a ton of food recommendations from a friendly bartender at the Melting Pot. Below are his picks, asterisks indicate where we’ve actually eaten.

*Stubb’s BBQ – on Red River, Famous and all, but not the best I’ve ever had.

Red River

Iron Works BBQ

*Moonshine Cafe – on Red River, A little pricey but oh-so good. Recommend the roasted garlic appetizer and molasses smoked pork chop.

Green Mesquite BBQ – on S. Lamar

Hills Cafe – on S. Congress

Threadgills – on Riverside and First Street

The Mean Eyed Cat – Johnny Cash music all the time on 5th street

Don’s Depot – on 5th

Best Wurst – Sausage Cart on 6th

*Torchy’s Tacos – on 6th, but there is more than one location. Recommend the “Democrat”, awesome little place.

Guero’s Taco Bar – on S. Congress

*Homeslice Pizza – on S. Congress. Recommend the white pizza…very good rolls too!

Matt’s El Rancho – on S. Lamar

P.Terry’s – on S. Lamar. Recommend Burger

Casino El Camino – on 6th Recommend Burger

*Champion’s – on 4th in the Marriot, Best burger I have ever had.

*Cork and Co. – on Congress. Wine bar, great selection.

*Amy’s Ice Cream – on S. Congress, very good!

*The Salt Lick – Great BBQ Brisket