Wait just a minute, Waiter.

Sometimes I just don’t understand why waiters feel slighted if I don’t order the whole menu and then some. Sometimes I want to split a meal with someone else, I don’t want appetizers, I only want one drink, etc. I, like the rest of America, could stand to lose a few, so don’t make it so hard, Waiter. I mean, have you seen the portions they serve in most restaurants? What am I going to do with all of that?? There are starving children!

And here’s a hint if you are reading this, Waiter…don’t think that makes me cheap or a bad tipper. In fact, the hubby and I tend to over tip, unless the service is crap. I just don’t see a need to order more than I am going to eat. And less I spend on food, the more I tend to tip.

Cable…I just don’t get it.

So while I am at my folks, I am perusing their fancy Dish Network and I have officially decided that I don’t understand cable TV. For one thing…the shows are on a different schedule everyday of the week. No Ace of Cakes for you, it’s Wednesday. My grandma and I watched a show that she loved, and do you think I could tell her when it comes on? No! Every other day at 4 and sometimes 6:30, unless there is a marathon. Marathons! That’s another one. They have all of these marathons, but about every 4 episodes they repeat. So it is really only a marathon of these 4 episodes over and over. Then there is the thing that I have always hated about cable: there are only about 6 channels I like, but to get those 6, I have to get 492 other channels that I will NEVER watch. What a scam.


I am house sitting for my parents this week which also includes helping my grandma while they are gone. Considering how much the woman took care of me, I certainly can spare a few days to hang out with her.

It is interesting being here without my folks around. Since they bought this house after I moved out, it’s not really like my home even though I am very comfortable here. It is so familiar, yet I can’t find stuff. Grr.

Gram is so cute! She is pretty impressed that I can run the washer AND the air conditioning. “Well, bless your heart!” I guess that means that she must think my mom is a genius, because she knows how to use everything in this house.

Aside from the dog getting sick, things are going pretty well, but hey…sometimes dogs barf.


We got a new restaurant in town. Lizarran Tapas Restaurant finally opened today. We have been waiting quite a while, watching them gut the building and turn a sweaty old gym into a classy new eatery. It is quite the unique experience. The cold tapas (or appetizers) are served buffet style and you go and choose from the bar. Then warm tapas are passed around on trays. Each little treat has a toothpick stuck thru ut which you are asked to collect in little cups on your table and that is how you are charged. They also have a full menu of regular dishes and a nice regional wine list.

A must-see in Fullerton.

Morning or Night?

People ask if you are a morning or a night person. That is a tough question to answer for me. Though lately, I can’t stay up to save my life, I do think I avoid going to bed. I am not sure why, but I just don’t want to most of the time. If I could take a pill that made me feel rested, I’d just as soon skip the night all together and just start the next day around 9pm.

I don’t have trouble sleeping most of the time, but it just feels like a hinderance, a chore I would rather skip. The flip side is in the morning, I have trouble getting up. I am sure my internal clock is just off somehow, but I wish I had any idea how to straighten it out.