Wait just a minute, Waiter.

Sometimes I just don’t understand why waiters feel slighted if I don’t order the whole menu and then some. Sometimes I want to split a meal with someone else, I don’t want appetizers, I only want one drink, etc. I, like the rest of America, could stand to lose a few, so don’t make it so hard, Waiter. I mean, have you seen the portions they serve in most restaurants? What am I going to do with all of that?? There are starving children!

And here’s a hint if you are reading this, Waiter…don’t think that makes me cheap or a bad tipper. In fact, the hubby and I tend to over tip, unless the service is crap. I just don’t see a need to order more than I am going to eat. And less I spend on food, the more I tend to tip.

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