Earthquake 2008

We sat in our third meeting of the day, digging through the details of the project at hand when the room started to rumble. At first, we all thought it was a truck going past, as this tends to shake the building a bit, but no, this was a real earthquake.

Stunned, we started to get up as it was tough to tell how bad it was going to be. A few items fell to the floor, and then the shaking started to subside. I looked outside at the traffic lights and saw them bouncing around from the tremor. We were all a bit stunned and checked around with our officemates to make sure they were all okay.

I ran back to the office to check on the dog, who was seemingly woken from a deep sleep, but showed no signs of despair. Passing the kitchen on the way back to the meeting, I noticed that several stacks of cups had fallen from the top of the fridge.

When we got home, we noticed a few items had fallen from their places. An older clock was broken from the fall, so we tossed it out. All in all we were virtually undamaged, but there really is something unnatural about the earthquake experience.

5.4, 2008/07/29, 11:42:15, 3 miles WSW of Chino Hills, CA

The Little Princess

There’s an old Shirley Temple movie I love, called The Little Princess.

Set in England, a well-to-do little girl is sent to stiff boarding school while her father goes to war. Her widowed father, the Captain, asks that all arrangements be made for her comfort, since they are very close and have never before been apart. After a few weeks, news comes from the war that her father has been killed and that all of his assets have been siezed by the enemy. The school’s mistress allows her to stay on as a servant to earn her keep. All along she keeps her faith that her father isn’t dead and pretends that her grim circumstances are not so bad.

It really is a great story, might want to add it to the NetFlix queue. (That is if you are man enough to watch a Shirley Temple film.)

Shower Gifts

Shopping for a bridal shower or baby shower gift has changed somewhat over the past few years. I, for one, like the advent of the registry in that it supposedly eliminates totally useless gifts and duplicates. However, it does tend to take some of the fun out of gift shopping. I love knowing that someone actually wants what I am buying (cause life is too short for useless crap), but sometimes the registry includes things that no one would ever buy you for a gift, like vacuum cleaner bags and baby-safe locks for the drawers.

I struggled a bit on Saturday when buying a gift for our pregnant friend. I even thought, “Should I just get a gift card?” Gift cards are another dilemma. They rank incredibly high on the usability scale, but fairly low on the sentimentality scale, and they are pretty anti-climactic to open at a shower. I did end up getting a gift on the registry and she didn’t get another one at the shower, so I was happy.

I settled on the “Boppy” which is a must-have these days. When an older woman at the shower asked what it was, one of the ladies explained, “It’s something you put on your lap to help hold the baby when you feed it.” To which the older woman replied, “In my day, we called that a pillow.”

Hire a Band

This would fall in to the “my two cents” category…if you are having an event with a live band, they should play mostly covers. I’m not talking about a concert, but an event where there happens to be music, dancing and general merriment. The crowd is much more likely to get into the mood if they hear “Twist and Shout” or “Tequila!”

It sucks when every song is followed by: “And you can catch that one on our new CD: Magic Balloon. Just visit our website: blah blah blah”

"The shoes, right?"

I have issues with shoes. It’s tough times finding ones that fit my feet well and are comfortable. I need shoes of the “wide” variety and I need arch support. I’ve been trying to find new shoes for a while now. Nothing special, just a good pair of tennis shoes that are comfy and cute. Well, last night at the urging of my husband, I bought a pair of Nikes that were undeniably comfortable. If I had been doing a blind test, they would’ve won hands down. But well, they are not as cute as I had hoped. They are made of a silvery mesh and white leather supports on the sides. It took me a while to commit to the purchase, but I finally did it.

And after a day of wearing the shoes, I am quite happy with my decision! The silver is growing on me and it is amazing how happy a comfy shoe can make you. Woohoo!