Tonight while we were at the Farmer’s Market, the hubby asked if I was going to get any fruits and veggies. I said I’d go look, but I wasn’t planning on buying anything. As it turns out, the produce was so unbelievable that I had to buy some. First were the plump and firm grapes, then I couldn’t pass up the biggest plums and reddest nectarines I have seen all year. Then I saw them…figs!! Fresh figs are something that I have not eaten for at least 20 years.

My grandparents used to have a fig tree and my cousin Aaron and I used to climb the tree and see who could pick the sweetest fig.

They was a wonderful treat and just as I remembered.

Please step on the scale…

I got my stitches out from my biposy yesterday. (All good news by the way, nothing serious.)

I signed in, they called me back and then came the dreaded words, “Okay, now we just need to get your weight. Please step on the scale.” I just have to say, what the hell? I was at the dermatologist. Really?? To look at my skin, you need my weight?? Is nothing sacred anymore?? I am beginning to enjoy my visits to the dentist, because they are the only medical professionals that don’t make me stand on a scale.

For crying out loud, people!

Mahna Mahna

Because of my husband’s love for Cake (the band, not the dessert), I have been re-introduced to the wonders of Mahna-Mahna. Which we now say intermittently all day long. So please enjoy this video:

Or if you want to sample the Cake version:,+Mahna

Online vs IRL

I was thinking today about how the internet has changed our relationships with our friends. Today we found out that another of our favorite baristas (she’s the 5th) will be leaving our Starbucks. I had this odd panic, that these people are leaving and we’ll never see them again. Which lead me to examine the dichotomy…

Sometimes it seems as though our online friends (those who we communicate with primarily online) are closer to us than our IRL (in real life) friends. Just to clarify, those categories are not mutually exclusive. Online friends may live just down the street and we see them once a week at the market and IRL friends may live across the country and we talk to them on the phone.

What I am finding more and more, is that those of my friends and family that do not have an online presence (email, IM, blog, photo album, etc.) I know less about. I talk to them less, and I am not as involved what is going on in their life. Now granted, maybe they want it that way and that is fine with me. I understand wanting to be a private person. But the truth of it is that you and I will probably not be as close of friends if I have to call or visit to find out what is going on with you.

In this ever-increasingly hectic world, technology allows me communicate with 20 of my closest friends each and everyday, without requiring so much of my time that it hampers my productivity. This is key. It would take 2-3 weeks for me to share a meal with all of these folks. I do love spending time with people and sharing those interactions that can only happen in person, but we all have lives to lead and I don’t want to have to say, “No more friends. I just don’t have the time for them all.”

Just another paradigm shift.

Here’s Your Sign

The hubby and I took on a new project and made a sign this weekend. It was a fun project, with a bit of a learning curve. In the end though, the problem-solving of a new and different type of project was an invigorating challenge for the both of us.

I do also like to step away from the computer once in a while and do a real hands on, 3D project. Standing back and looking at something physical, that you’ve made with your own two hands is very satisfying.


I’ve been getting some dental work done, a bit at a time. Last week they put in my first onlay. While my mouth has had some trials throughout my life, I’ve never had a crown or an onlay. Apparently, an onlay is a permanant filling, one whole piece, molded out of porcelain or the like. They are used when a tooth has too little structure (or is too weak) for a composite filling, but there is still enough tooth left that a crown is not warranted.

In my case, I had a root canal and the removal of the pulp weakened the tooth, such that I needed extra support. So the surface of my tooth is now a bonded onlay. I am told that this is better than a crown, if the tooth structure will support it. My dentist is a big fan of conservative restorations and she tries hard to preserve as much of the tooth as possible.

My new onlay has a much “groovier” chewing surface that my other teeth, and since my bite doesn’t close on that size, she built it up a bit. It ain’t gold, but it’ll do.

See you at the OC Fair!

We made our first pilgrimage to the OC Fair this year. It’s not really anything to write home about, just good old homespun fun. Maybe the fair is a little more nostalgic for me since I come from ag country, where everyone raised 4H animals and sold them at the fair. But it was nice to see our barnyard pals again.

Fair food in all of its battered and deep-fried glory was a sight to behold. Booths of every shape and size held arts and crafts that were made with care. People were packed into the fair grounds, laughing, eating and enjoying the displays. Kids ran around with sticky hands, exploring this once a year phenomenon. It was a hot day, the best kind for the fair.

Go sometime. Eat the deep fried sticky mess. Pet a cow. Look at local art. It’s only once a year…

Odd, but True

Sometimes you just see something odd.

This morning I saw a car in the parking garage with all of its windows down, but all of its doors closed. There was a briefcase on the ground beside the passenger rear tire. There was a half-full bag of dog food on the roof of the car. There was a fast food drink cup on the driver’s side hood of the car.

And no one in sight. Hrm.