See you at the OC Fair!

We made our first pilgrimage to the OC Fair this year. It’s not really anything to write home about, just good old homespun fun. Maybe the fair is a little more nostalgic for me since I come from ag country, where everyone raised 4H animals and sold them at the fair. But it was nice to see our barnyard pals again.

Fair food in all of its battered and deep-fried glory was a sight to behold. Booths of every shape and size held arts and crafts that were made with care. People were packed into the fair grounds, laughing, eating and enjoying the displays. Kids ran around with sticky hands, exploring this once a year phenomenon. It was a hot day, the best kind for the fair.

Go sometime. Eat the deep fried sticky mess. Pet a cow. Look at local art. It’s only once a year…

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