I know full well that you are supposed to set reasonable goals for yourself, reasonable expectations as to what you will do by when. So why is it that I always have huge grandiose ideas about what I can get done in a short amount of time. Mind you, sometimes I reach those lofty goals and maybe that is part of the problem. Usually though, I completely wear myself out in the process and end up thinking, “Man, why did I push so hard?”

On the other hand, setting reasonable goals and finishing all I set out to do, feels like I skipped stuff. Oh brother.


My cousin Susan died last week. It was sudden and unexpected, and the shock seems as hard to take as the loss.

She was one of my favorite relatives. She was a fabulous cook, a great singer, an awesome storyteller. She was witty, loving, and just about as straightforward as a person could be. She was a wonderful mother to 2 wonderful kids and had the cleanest house of anyone I know.

I have many great memories of Sooz and lots of great stories to remember her by. Here’s one that my dad related at the memorial on Saturday:

Sooz had a lot of little tricks for making things easier. For instance she used to rinse out the dish soap bottle really well and fill it with olive oil for quick dispensing. Well, this one time she was at a friend’s house helping to prepare dinner and the friend had to go do something so she asked Sooz to finish the green beans. Well, without thinking she grabbed the dish soap bottle and drizzled some on the green beens and put them in the oven. When the hostess took the dish out it was foaming. “What’s wrong with these beans?” she asked. Susan thought for a second, and then it hit her, “Oh, you don’t keep the oil in the dish soap bottle!”
“Why would I??”

Or the time she thought it would be fun to try on her husband’s ski boots while he was out of town. But once she got one on, she couldn’t get it off. Everytime she messed with the buttons and straps it cinched tighter. So there she was…wearing one ski boot and pajamas. After struggling with it for a bit she just decided to go to bed, but the boot wouldn’t fit under the covers, so she hung that foot off the side and went to sleep. Luckily her husband returned that night. He burst out laughing at the sight of her, walked over and clicked one little button and the boot popped right off.

My memories of Sooz will always bring a smile to my face. She will be missed.

Neti Pot

Sinuses are such fun! I am so glad we have them, but when they are all plugged up or are giving me a headache, it sucks. So I decided to spend $14 and listen to Dr. Oz (just love that guy) and try the Neti Pot. If you haven’t heard of it, let me explain: You fill this little plastic tea pot thingy with luke warm salty water and you put the spout in one nostril, tilt your head and pour the water into your sinuses. (Yes, it feels wierd, but it doesn’t hurt.) It eventually fills your sinuses and the water trickles out through your other nostril. You do both sides and gently blow your nose.

So the basic idea is that the salt water kind of flushes things out and moisturizes the mucus membranes. It is pretty nifty and not harmful so you can do it a couple of times a day if you need to. Many people out there swear by this and it is pretty low risk, so I will add my recommendation.

A few things to note:
– Don’t inhale
– Have some tissue ready, it can be messy
– It takes a few tries to get the hang of it
– Follow the directions in the box
– Yes, it really will come out the other nostril

Concert Characters

Free tickets to a Bad Religion concert makes for a very interesting evening. There were definately some interesting people in attendance, including the 2 couples that were pushing infants in strollers through the skate park. Hrm.

Some random quotes from the evening:

– “Just take the skateboards and give me the baby!”
– “When is the after-party?” “Duh? Like after the concert??”
– (To a man in uniform)”Are you like the Red Cross for beer?”
“No, I’m a medic.”
“Oh, like if I have a seizure or something?”
“Yes, but if you don’t have seizures often, I wouldn’t worry about it.”

This crowd rivaled the group that we encountered at the Jack Johnson concert in August (Read about it Here or
Here), but somehow it is more acceptable to be a punk at a punk concert. No, really. 🙂

FrontlinePlus or Advantix

Most dogs need flea meds, and the ones in the grocery store are useless (at least in my experience). So I started our little pooch on FrontlinePlus from the time she was about 8 months old. Then I changed vets and the new vet carried Advantix, so we switched. Perhaps in the 6 years that have passed, my dog has also developed allergies that make her itchier than she was before. But I have to say that I think FrontlinePlus works much better. The dose is more medication, and it just seems to keep the fleas away for longer. In fact, there were times I would apply the FrontlinePlus less frequently than recommended, since the fleas were staying away. With the Advantix I was noticing fleas on her before the month was up. Not good.

I’ve also been on the hunt for itchy dog remedies and found the following recommendations: fish oil pills, oatmeal baths, soap-free shampoos, food that does not contain corn or wheat, spinach, and omega 3 & 6 vitamin supplements.

Anyone have input on the flea meds? Or itchy skin?