Concert Characters

Free tickets to a Bad Religion concert makes for a very interesting evening. There were definately some interesting people in attendance, including the 2 couples that were pushing infants in strollers through the skate park. Hrm.

Some random quotes from the evening:

– “Just take the skateboards and give me the baby!”
– “When is the after-party?” “Duh? Like after the concert??”
– (To a man in uniform)”Are you like the Red Cross for beer?”
“No, I’m a medic.”
“Oh, like if I have a seizure or something?”
“Yes, but if you don’t have seizures often, I wouldn’t worry about it.”

This crowd rivaled the group that we encountered at the Jack Johnson concert in August (Read about it Here or
Here), but somehow it is more acceptable to be a punk at a punk concert. No, really. 🙂

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