Well, we’ve made our 3rd trip to Brazzaz in Chicago and it did not disappoint. Brazzaz is a Brazilian Barbeque restaurant. Basically, you sit down and they bring several (16, I think) different types of meat on huge skewers and carve it right onto your plate. They also have a salad bar of side dishes that are equally yummy. It’s not cheap, but it’s an all-you-can-eat extravaganza. I am, of course, stuffed.

While I love the food, this place is also great because of the good company. We always seem to meet up with some people that work for our client (often people we’ve never met before) and we just eat and talk and laugh.

I love meeting cool people. It gives me hope that all of the idiots I see on TV are not really what the world is made up of. Oh, Gerbner, what we’ve cultivated.

Good/Bad Customer Service

Life’s too short for bad customer service. I make choices on who I will give my business to based on the kind of service they provide.

Case in point: Today at our luxury hotel that supposedly caters to business clientele, I was having trouble sending email. So I called the front desk and told them I had a problem with my internet connection. They swiftly transferred me out of the hotel without even asking what my problem was. I was soon talking to Sprint, after being hung up on once. After explaining the situation, they immediately told me that there was nothing they could do to help. When I suggested that an outgoing email port may be blocked, he “logged in” and told me that there were NO ports blocked and our host was probably blocking the hotel’s IP from sending email. Okay, then.

Having my doubts, I then called our host company, Media Temple (mt). They asked for my information. I told them my name and info, they then told me that they would help as much as they could but I wasn’t on the account as an admin. So I told them the problem I was having. He walked me through the process of changing my outgoing email port and had me test it. It worked!! So I told him what I went through with Sprint and he sort of chuckled, “Yeah, they were definately blocking the port.” He asked if there was anything else he could help me with, and I said, “Nope, that was awesome! Thank you.”

Later Media Temple sent out an email to my husband who is the admin on the account and recounted the whole matter to him. Talk about being thorough! That is some serious customer service!

Go Media Temple!! Sprint, well you can go elsewhere.

Hello Chicago…we’re back!

We’ve made our yearly pilgrimage to Chicago once again.

It was a very long day of travel and set-up. We got up at 5am and headed to the airport. Once on the flight, with a little manuevering Merc and I got to sit next to each other, which was a nice surprise as our flight was packed! I fell asleep almost immediately and really couldn’t stay awake.

It’s pretty darn cold here, which is one really nice thing about coming here this time of year. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow (crossing my fingers). Chicago is a great place, and perfect for kicking off the holiday season.

Name them one by one….

I love the spirit of Thanksgiving as just a time to reflect on our blessings.

I feel very blessed this year to have all that I do. Namely my husband, my family, my friends and our business. So I offer a heartfelt “Thank You!” to all who have been a part of my life in one way or another this year.

The Rain Rip-off

Dear Rain,

When I see your pretty little picture on the weather forecast, I smile and anxiously await your arrival. You’re like an old friend, and I love it when you visit.

So you can see how I am so upset about your ill-timed performance this past week. You were supposed to come and stay for 3 whole days, but did you? NO!

You only came for one day. Showed up after I was asleep and left before I got up. Those are some seriously bad manners.

So here is the deal, I will forgive you only if you make good on this. Hope to see you soon.


Workin’ Like Crazy

I’ve been falling behind on the blogging because we have been working some serious hours. Basically, we’ve been doing little else, but working. It really hasn’t been that hard because there was always something that needed to be done. I really like having the goal clearly set out before and know exactly what must be done.

It’s been almost a month of working 7 days a week, into the evening most nights and no days off. I’m not complaining mind you, but it does mess with your head a bit, when you can’t think of anything you’ve done in the last month, but work.

For Pete’s Sake

I watched a wacky little movie with my dad a few years ago, called “For Pete’s Sake”. It’s a Barbra Streisand comedy from the 70s. I found it on Netflix (watch instantly!) so I watched it again. Overall, it is a pretty ridiculous movie, but parts are pretty funny. I love finding random stuff like that though.

Turkey Day After All

This is our busiest time of year. We get a lot of work toward the end of the year from most of our clients, then we typically go to Chicago for a week for another client. We leave the day after Thanksgiving, early, so we rarely go out of town to visit family for the holiday.

This year is no exception. We will probably be working a little and definately packing on Thanksgiving day.

When I was at the grocery store over the weekend, I saw the turkey and just couldn’t resist. I bought one and all the stuff to go with it. I love this holiday and I love cooking, so I plan to celebrate between the packing and the work, even if it’s only a short break.

Watch Instantly – Update

I haven’t watched a movie yet on the xBox with Netflix, but we did get it set up. It looks to be promising once we hardwire the internet. Once I figured out that I needed the movies to already be queued in my Netflix, I logged on and added about 80 movies.

I think this is the future of home entertainment. I’d much rather pay $14/month for Netflix and get to choose what I watch, than pay $25+/month for cable and get a ton of channels I don’t want.