As I get older, I am finding that I need to stretch more and more. I do simple yoga moves and a few stretches I learned in dance class. Here is my standard routine:

Laying on the back:
1. Knee to chest, alternating legs.
2. Both knees and let them drop halfway to the ground on one side, then the other.
3. Knee to chest, then draw the knee across to the opposite side, then the other leg.

Sit cross-legged:
4. Sit up straight and bend forward at the waist, head to the ground.
5. Twist to each side.
6. Switch the cross of the legs and repeat 4&5.

Hands and Knees:
7. Cat & Cow (alternate arching back up & down).
8. Child’s Pose
9. Upward facing dog
10. Downward facing dog

11. Forward bend, roll up
12. Arms overhead, side stretch right and left.

Always breathing deeply. Om.

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