A word about ham. My family are some of the best cooks in the world. No really. But we were never really “ham people”. We maybe had one every other year for Easter, and it was not my favorite. Only recently have I discovered the wonders of the smoked ham. Ah, it is a beautiful thing. Our Easter ham this year was quite lovely and I can’t imagine going back to just a plain old cured ham. I think I am now a ham snob.


I was out of deodorant, so I stopped by Target to pick up a refill. I located my brand and spotted a new scent. “Cool Cucumber” the package said. I gave it a quick sniff and it smelled good to me so I bought it.

The next day at my desk, I smelled something odd. Sniff. What was that? Mildew? Was there food spoiling in the trash can? Odd, but I couldn’t locate the source so I went about my day.

The day after that we took a trip to Austin, and upon our return as I sat at my desk, it recurred. Sniff. “What *is* that?” It was still there but hadn’t gotten worse. Ick. Then I stuck my nose in my shirt. “Oh my gosh! It’s my deodorant!” I decided the smell was such a bother to my sensitive nose that I would just dump it and buy a new one.

While standing in the store aisle with my mother, I let her sniff the stinky one. “Oh yeah,” she said, “Deodorant is suppose to hide the smell. This one joins in.”

(Title is credited to a former student of mine, who for a project, named her fictitious deodorant brand “Sniffy”.)