Ong and the Giant Peach

So Wednesday night I stop by the grocery store to pick up a few things. Passing a fruit bin I notice a display of the biggest peaches I have ever seen. They were roughly grapefruit size and less fuzzy than a traditional peach. They even had a cute name, I think it was “sweet cheeks”. I almost passed them by, but I thought they looked good so I grabbed one. It weighed 1 lb.

Once home, I sliced into it and was pleasantly surprised at the light fruity flavor. I put the rest, about 1/3 in a baggy and planned to snack on it the next day at work.

At work, it took the efforts of both Erin and I to finish it. 3 servings, 1 peach. If you see these babies at a store near you, I highly recommend giiving them a shot.


We’ll be moving from an apartment to a rental house in a few short weeks. I’m excited but also overwhelmed by all of the packing. You really do accumulate a lot of stuff over a 9 year period.

Anyone have moving/packing/purging advice? I am all ears. Oh, and also, anyone want a bunch of stuff? We are getting rid of tons, I mean tons!