First Class, First Time

So this morning we decided to upgrade to First Class. That’s right, capital F capital C. At first we thought we’d made a mistake and we wouldn’t get to sit together, but the gate agent paged another passenger and asked them to switch seats with one of us, so we could travel together. It just so happened that we knew the passenger she paged, and it was one of the nicest guys so he was happy to switch, yay!

So we got on board and I noticed that we were sitting with a lot of the big wigs who were going to Chicago for the same tradeshow that we were, very cool. That’s right, I’m a big wig too! (Well, at least for today.)

We sat down almost immediately. Quite a change from standing in the aisle waiting for people to put their crap away. The seats were quite roomy, and I believe we got beverage service 4 times, once before we even took off. They closed that little curtain and we were in our own little world. We got coffee in ceramic mugs, and a hot breakfast on real plates. I was even able to catch a few winks.

I could get used to this.

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